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Not the only One and Not the Most

This week become a very tiring days for me. A lot of stuffs happened. Some of them are frustrating and potentially grow me a stress.

And this is my thoughs:

  • No body have the days as full as me, have been in office until 12.00 AM, and start to mumbling and hallucinating
  • No body have pressure as massive as me, to be burdened for some mistake, not able to handle something that easy in work, and make another people disappointed
  • No body have fail in applying scholarship like me. It’s twice for me to cancel sending my application because of lack of  preparation.
  • No body will have been in very shame situation like me, when just show up the weakness in front public
  • No body have some one so demanding as someone to be to me.
  • And nobody has a very awful days like me, moreover when it’s the day when I try to start a good things.

But another views come to me:

  • Some other people, “tukang angkot”, trader in market, fisherman, crop man, and many others people, do spent their time on on their sweating job all the time. Starting early in the morning and back home at very late night. And they do exist. I’m not the only one and I’m not the most.
  • Some unlucky people have down in their trouble, almost everyday and they have still a spirit to life. For some of them crying is like a lifetime story, but they’re survive. I’m not the only one and I’m not the most.
  • One of my friend trying even 7 times to apply scholarship, and it just happened. I still lucky just fail twice. The message is that I need to try more. Thomas Alfa Edison did more than 1000 experiments before he found electricity and lamp. I’m not the only one and I’m not the most.
  • Somebody did caught in shame situation, but they turn it to be a confident situation. Become shameless is bad, but  always turn it to be a very confident moment. I’m not the only one and I’m not the most.
  • How about the government people, they should cover all demand from all of the country. They are demanded. For personal life, I think about one person who also been carge and his job just to follow somebody else command. Somebody called slaves still exist in this world. I’m not the only one and I’m not the most.
  • There are so much story that the right man life in a very difficult situation. I will try to learn from their capability and resistance, more over their patience. Once again, I’m not the only one and I’m not the most.

In reality, we wil find the friends. Somebody who bear some cruel situation like us. Find them and believe that they can survive, so you are, so I am.

More over than that, I believe that everything that happened, is all been planned. Just believe that behind the darkness of cloud, sun still shine behind it.

I always like to say, “There are bigger problem than your / my problems. One day, the sun will explode.  that’s the biggest problem may be for everyone”.


Two contraries

Everything can be seen from 2 different opinions. One is opposite to the other.

In marketing usually people talk about this tale:
Two shoesmakers came to a town with all the people never used shoes all the time. One said: “Oh it’s bad, you see how can we sell shoes in this town?”. The other said: “Oh that’s great, you see how can we sell shoes in this town”.

One day in his vehicle, Einstein said “We run 60 km per hour in this street”. On the other day he said again “This street run -60 km per hour to us”

Which one do you choose “half full glass of water” or “half empty glass of water”.

Even the extreme, from the famous quote “Empty is full, full is empty” means that a full glass is empty of air, and a empty glass is full of air.

It’s night in Jakarta, but it’s noon at California.

If your wallet is stolen, it’s a bad day for you, but it’s a lucky day for the thief.

All students get red in today’s exam, may be all students are stupid, may be the teacher is stupid.

When cell phone and it’s messaging technology is found, some postman should retired from his job.

Digital system just need 2 bit 0 and 1 to operate so many things.

Third law of Newton says “If there are action, it should be reaction in the opposite way”.

Columbus says “I find America”, the native Americans say “We find Columbus”.

Just rememer that what happening in this world, have an opposite that we never aware that they are exist. When you sad, find it that you happy. When you misfotune, think about someone luck because of you.

There’s a balance in nature which all people should notice, so we can life happily ever after. (But when you happy, bad thing happened someone / somewhere 🙂 )




1. a person who buys and sells commodities for profit; dealer; trader.
2. a storekeeper; retailer: a local merchant who owns a store on Main Street.
3. Chiefly British. a wholesaler.

Definition from :

These are what I thought about merchant when I heard it:

  • Some people who stay in all road / town in RO / FF, sell normal items to the heroes and believe me they never out of stock
  • Some one who also categorized as liar, because usually they lie about price to customer so they can reach high benefit. “That price isn’t much enough, I can get back my modal”
  • Some one with great memories, they remember the price of all items in their shop, moreover they need to update the price anytime so they don’t suffer loss
  • Risk taker, spent all the money to buy something that is still probably can be sold; uncertainty.
  • They may have community, community of merchant / trader, but the closer they are, the more enemy they find. Simply know that 2 merchant with totally same products sold is completely competitor.
  • They really life on principal “Little by little to be a hill / translation: Sedikit sedikit lama lama menjadi bukit”. Their income from one product is small. But they sell many products
  • Some of them, is great accountant, even they don’t learn it at school
  • And usually, they life hard to be merchant, they go far, across the sea, meet new challenge and face new problem, but learn new wisdom.

Dedicated to both of my parents, which are Merchant.

Too Beautiful to Lie

This is the title of Korean Movie; 2 hours duration; genre comedy, and one of my favorite movie.

But today I don’t want to make movie review. I just remember something, may be I call it beautiful phrases about lie.

“When you lie, you will need all of your memory to remember your lie, moreover creative to create another lies”

So what I capture here is that, lying is good to your memories :). My comment in here is, this is true. I lie sometime. And I believe you lie too.  And if you say no, that is your greatest lie.

And what happened when you lie? You are thinking. come on, accept it, it’s totally need to think when you lie. What is in your mind? It’s about how you cover your lie. From here detective story come up. If there are no scum with great lie (called it alibi) and his genius to create Close Room Murderer, detective story will not be so popular and interested.

Now is about the time, when will we need to lie? Sometimes or may be all our word are lies? Just remember story about a boy, a shepherd who always lie that wolf attack his folks. All villagers come to help, and he only laugh on them, who have been cheated. Until one day, when wolf really attack, and nobody want to listen. And he lost everything.

Every time you lie, you share un-trust to your community. It’s a matter of time until they realize your lie. That is the worst thing about lies. So slow down before you lie, because it will attack you back.

Another type of lie is when we refuse to say something. Do you ever hear “I don’t lie, I just don’t say the truth”. A good choice, because you don’t lie, you don’t make a sin. Is it true. Just celebrate it until someday, nobody will tell you anything.

It’s just my opinion about lie. We lie, may be can’t life without lie (remember Jim Carrey movie, where he can’t lie as lawyer because of his daughter’s wish). But just knowing that, somebody may be hurt because of your lie. More over you hurt yourself when you lie. So keep it as minimum level.

Just last word, make lie to be as beautiful as you can. 🙂

What’s Einstein Didn’t Know

Guess what? I believe that almost all of the stories (facts actually) was known by Einstein (may be he just did not have time to make abook and published it, haha).

But after all, I like this book.  Scientific explanation about many things happened around us. For me it is more like chemical book actually, a simple one with some annecdote that help us to understand some cases in our daily life.

Just say about why the sky is blue? Why the fish’s flesh is white? Why the we can boil water in lower degree on the high mountain (it’s about 70 Celcius on Mount Everest)? Why someone who can’t swim can float on Dead Sea?

If you curious you can buy it. It only IDR 50.000, haha (marketing mode ON). Because if answer it here, it can be said that I don’t appreciate copyright right?

The interesting thing is that all of that is explained in micro level, atom / molecul level. That’s why I called it more chemist than physic.

The other think that impress me is that in the book write some Indonesian stuff like Bali, Celcius, and some more I forget :P. But then I appreciate for the translator who have been good enought to make example close to our country.

There’s no formula / equation that will make us headache. But it’s a simply story and analogy.

At the end, I would say that I love this book (just like I love other books, hey no discrimination here, haha!!).  And I pretend may be Einstein really doesn’t know that this kind of book exist (baaaaaaddddd joke, haha).

One moment to remember

3 weeks have passed since the last post. A long time, though I have some time to spent, so things to share, and some moment to remember.

So what the news that make me stop blogging in 3 weeks (Let me pretend that I’m diligent blogging, hahahaha). Is it because of Israel attacking Palestine. Or because of the hard rain on Jakarta, and may be Bogor is harder. Or because of the scholarship deadline at the end of this months (And I haven’t prepare anything yet).  Or may because of scholarship program that is raised by ex03ELITBers.

No, the answer is laziness.

And how to handled it: discipliness.

Yesterday Saturday and Sunday, almost all the time I spent was only sit down and play game FFXII in PCSX2 emulator (I will share about it some other time). Sometime sat, sometime slept, not in ergonomic style.

At 2.00 PM (Saturday), I felt dizzy. All my body was hard to move. I went to sleep. Around 3 hours and I woke up. Still dizzy, even worse. I went to mirror and looked that my eye getting red.

At that time, I had no power at all. I wanted to eat, but could walk. It’s looked like I get poisoned like fighting Elder Wyrm in FFXII.

I didn’t move that time, I would get even worse, that I though. I forced my self and woke up, took a bath and looked for some food (I just remembered that I didn’t eat since morning). Still felt hurt in my head after eat, I kept on moving. I cleaned my room which I remembered cleaned it around a year ago, and did some sports (like run up down the stair and cracked my finger, hard sport huh !!! :p).

Not long after that, My body got better.  I just had terrible experience and I hoped not to get it again.

Some people lazy to do something, but believe me that laziness in beginning of sickness. May be because I’m far from my family, bla…bla…bla… (just making an excuse :)).  But just to share you and remind you that God give us our body to be kept health.  That’s our duty. Just remember this thing, how can you make your family healthy and happy (sometime in the future) if you can’t keep it on your own. (It’s a little bit motivate me, haha)

And now, I remember one phrase: Work Life Balance. May be for me it should be Game Life Balance. And I want to prove it, as now I writing blog instead playing game (may be one hour from now I change my mind 🙂 ).

Be healthy, be happy, be diligent, be STRONG!!!

NB: For the title, I may be can’t forget about this almost dead experience 😀