One moment to remember

3 weeks have passed since the last post. A long time, though I have some time to spent, so things to share, and some moment to remember.

So what the news that make me stop blogging in 3 weeks (Let me pretend that I’m diligent blogging, hahahaha). Is it because of Israel attacking Palestine. Or because of the hard rain on Jakarta, and may be Bogor is harder. Or because of the scholarship deadline at the end of this months (And I haven’t prepare anything yet).  Or may because of scholarship program that is raised by ex03ELITBers.

No, the answer is laziness.

And how to handled it: discipliness.

Yesterday Saturday and Sunday, almost all the time I spent was only sit down and play game FFXII in PCSX2 emulator (I will share about it some other time). Sometime sat, sometime slept, not in ergonomic style.

At 2.00 PM (Saturday), I felt dizzy. All my body was hard to move. I went to sleep. Around 3 hours and I woke up. Still dizzy, even worse. I went to mirror and looked that my eye getting red.

At that time, I had no power at all. I wanted to eat, but could walk. It’s looked like I get poisoned like fighting Elder Wyrm in FFXII.

I didn’t move that time, I would get even worse, that I though. I forced my self and woke up, took a bath and looked for some food (I just remembered that I didn’t eat since morning). Still felt hurt in my head after eat, I kept on moving. I cleaned my room which I remembered cleaned it around a year ago, and did some sports (like run up down the stair and cracked my finger, hard sport huh !!! :p).

Not long after that, My body got better.  I just had terrible experience and I hoped not to get it again.

Some people lazy to do something, but believe me that laziness in beginning of sickness. May be because I’m far from my family, bla…bla…bla… (just making an excuse :)).  But just to share you and remind you that God give us our body to be kept health.  That’s our duty. Just remember this thing, how can you make your family healthy and happy (sometime in the future) if you can’t keep it on your own. (It’s a little bit motivate me, haha)

And now, I remember one phrase: Work Life Balance. May be for me it should be Game Life Balance. And I want to prove it, as now I writing blog instead playing game (may be one hour from now I change my mind 🙂 ).

Be healthy, be happy, be diligent, be STRONG!!!

NB: For the title, I may be can’t forget about this almost dead experience 😀


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