What’s Einstein Didn’t Know

Guess what? I believe that almost all of the stories (facts actually) was known by Einstein (may be he just did not have time to make abook and published it, haha).

But after all, I like this book.  Scientific explanation about many things happened around us. For me it is more like chemical book actually, a simple one with some annecdote that help us to understand some cases in our daily life.

Just say about why the sky is blue? Why the fish’s flesh is white? Why the we can boil water in lower degree on the high mountain (it’s about 70 Celcius on Mount Everest)? Why someone who can’t swim can float on Dead Sea?

If you curious you can buy it. It only IDR 50.000, haha (marketing mode ON). Because if answer it here, it can be said that I don’t appreciate copyright right?

The interesting thing is that all of that is explained in micro level, atom / molecul level. That’s why I called it more chemist than physic.

The other think that impress me is that in the book write some Indonesian stuff like Bali, Celcius, and some more I forget :P. But then I appreciate for the translator who have been good enought to make example close to our country.

There’s no formula / equation that will make us headache. But it’s a simply story and analogy.

At the end, I would say that I love this book (just like I love other books, hey no discrimination here, haha!!).  And I pretend may be Einstein really doesn’t know that this kind of book exist (baaaaaaddddd joke, haha).


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