Too Beautiful to Lie

This is the title of Korean Movie; 2 hours duration; genre comedy, and one of my favorite movie.

But today I don’t want to make movie review. I just remember something, may be I call it beautiful phrases about lie.

“When you lie, you will need all of your memory to remember your lie, moreover creative to create another lies”

So what I capture here is that, lying is good to your memories :). My comment in here is, this is true. I lie sometime. And I believe you lie too.  And if you say no, that is your greatest lie.

And what happened when you lie? You are thinking. come on, accept it, it’s totally need to think when you lie. What is in your mind? It’s about how you cover your lie. From here detective story come up. If there are no scum with great lie (called it alibi) and his genius to create Close Room Murderer, detective story will not be so popular and interested.

Now is about the time, when will we need to lie? Sometimes or may be all our word are lies? Just remember story about a boy, a shepherd who always lie that wolf attack his folks. All villagers come to help, and he only laugh on them, who have been cheated. Until one day, when wolf really attack, and nobody want to listen. And he lost everything.

Every time you lie, you share un-trust to your community. It’s a matter of time until they realize your lie. That is the worst thing about lies. So slow down before you lie, because it will attack you back.

Another type of lie is when we refuse to say something. Do you ever hear “I don’t lie, I just don’t say the truth”. A good choice, because you don’t lie, you don’t make a sin. Is it true. Just celebrate it until someday, nobody will tell you anything.

It’s just my opinion about lie. We lie, may be can’t life without lie (remember Jim Carrey movie, where he can’t lie as lawyer because of his daughter’s wish). But just knowing that, somebody may be hurt because of your lie. More over you hurt yourself when you lie. So keep it as minimum level.

Just last word, make lie to be as beautiful as you can. 🙂


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