Two contraries

Everything can be seen from 2 different opinions. One is opposite to the other.

In marketing usually people talk about this tale:
Two shoesmakers came to a town with all the people never used shoes all the time. One said: “Oh it’s bad, you see how can we sell shoes in this town?”. The other said: “Oh that’s great, you see how can we sell shoes in this town”.

One day in his vehicle, Einstein said “We run 60 km per hour in this street”. On the other day he said again “This street run -60 km per hour to us”

Which one do you choose “half full glass of water” or “half empty glass of water”.

Even the extreme, from the famous quote “Empty is full, full is empty” means that a full glass is empty of air, and a empty glass is full of air.

It’s night in Jakarta, but it’s noon at California.

If your wallet is stolen, it’s a bad day for you, but it’s a lucky day for the thief.

All students get red in today’s exam, may be all students are stupid, may be the teacher is stupid.

When cell phone and it’s messaging technology is found, some postman should retired from his job.

Digital system just need 2 bit 0 and 1 to operate so many things.

Third law of Newton says “If there are action, it should be reaction in the opposite way”.

Columbus says “I find America”, the native Americans say “We find Columbus”.

Just rememer that what happening in this world, have an opposite that we never aware that they are exist. When you sad, find it that you happy. When you misfotune, think about someone luck because of you.

There’s a balance in nature which all people should notice, so we can life happily ever after. (But when you happy, bad thing happened someone / somewhere 🙂 )


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