Not the only One and Not the Most

This week become a very tiring days for me. A lot of stuffs happened. Some of them are frustrating and potentially grow me a stress.

And this is my thoughs:

  • No body have the days as full as me, have been in office until 12.00 AM, and start to mumbling and hallucinating
  • No body have pressure as massive as me, to be burdened for some mistake, not able to handle something that easy in work, and make another people disappointed
  • No body have fail in applying scholarship like me. It’s twice for me to cancel sending my application because of lack of  preparation.
  • No body will have been in very shame situation like me, when just show up the weakness in front public
  • No body have some one so demanding as someone to be to me.
  • And nobody has a very awful days like me, moreover when it’s the day when I try to start a good things.

But another views come to me:

  • Some other people, “tukang angkot”, trader in market, fisherman, crop man, and many others people, do spent their time on on their sweating job all the time. Starting early in the morning and back home at very late night. And they do exist. I’m not the only one and I’m not the most.
  • Some unlucky people have down in their trouble, almost everyday and they have still a spirit to life. For some of them crying is like a lifetime story, but they’re survive. I’m not the only one and I’m not the most.
  • One of my friend trying even 7 times to apply scholarship, and it just happened. I still lucky just fail twice. The message is that I need to try more. Thomas Alfa Edison did more than 1000 experiments before he found electricity and lamp. I’m not the only one and I’m not the most.
  • Somebody did caught in shame situation, but they turn it to be a confident situation. Become shameless is bad, but  always turn it to be a very confident moment. I’m not the only one and I’m not the most.
  • How about the government people, they should cover all demand from all of the country. They are demanded. For personal life, I think about one person who also been carge and his job just to follow somebody else command. Somebody called slaves still exist in this world. I’m not the only one and I’m not the most.
  • There are so much story that the right man life in a very difficult situation. I will try to learn from their capability and resistance, more over their patience. Once again, I’m not the only one and I’m not the most.

In reality, we wil find the friends. Somebody who bear some cruel situation like us. Find them and believe that they can survive, so you are, so I am.

More over than that, I believe that everything that happened, is all been planned. Just believe that behind the darkness of cloud, sun still shine behind it.

I always like to say, “There are bigger problem than your / my problems. One day, the sun will explode.  that’s the biggest problem may be for everyone”.


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