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Failure Essence

There are some meanings of fail. Some says that failure is the delayed success. Some other said it’s a stone for jumping to success.

Whatever is said, I have my own definition. May be not definition, but my thought about failure.

Failure is a part of life and for me there are not guarantee will get 50% failure and 50% success, also there no guarantee for other number of probabilities too. You may hear story about Thomas Alfa Edison who failed in his experiments about more than 1600 times. If I think, it is not sure that in the next experiment he would success. Fortunately he finally found the electricity. But how if  in entire of his life, he couldn’t make it?

There’s a Indonesian novel (actually it’s roman) titled “Tak Putus Dirundung Malang” which told a story about a 2 siblings who never be happy, they always fail and suffer in their life. Is it only a story, or may be there is pair in this world who live of that story.

So when I think about that, one thing come in my head. Failure isn’t bring us to be opmistic to reach success in next step, because we don’t know what’s next. But one sure, failure should bring an experience. We know that we if we do this, the respon should be this, and if we do that the next thing happen is that, if we don’t do it, it may happened.

So the failure for me is giving a color in my experience. To give me a list of things that can react somethings doesn’t matter  it’s bad or good. And the more I fail, it’s means that the more I try and the more of my list.

“We lost so much, but I think it’s important to put the past behind us and keep our eyes to the road ahead” Penelo ~ FF XXII

Thinking about failure in the past may be hard, because we usually think that the failure is bad. Who define that if we didn’t pass the exam means that we fail. That we can reach deadline in work, we fail. And lost in a competition called fail. No one. And I  also will not define it.

So, we never fail, it just we try something different, we experience the difference. We don’t lost but we just experience the un-win condition. We don’t suffer, we just be different with someone free.

I also recommend you not to hope something good, as I said before, there’s no probabilities on it. Just do something else, even if you have been in comfort situation.

It’s not about your condition now, fail or success; but it’s about what you will do next to make the earth moving.