Do you ever playing game in your leisure time? I do. And I almost do play game in my leisure time. Can’t help, just as Nokia ever said that everybody still have child inside. Remember the ads? When it show Bill Gate play snake in the mobile phone? No? Very old ads actually. Nobody remember? Come on, do you pretend that you are still young, ups.  

Back to the topic. For me playing game not only to fill my leisure time but also have a moral lesson to be learn. I won’t tell you the negative side of game, such as someone who addict in playing game forget everything, his family, his study, his job, etc and spend their life just for game. Game addicts. That’s not the one that I want to talk about. But instead that I want to give one lesson that game teach me. That one is GROWTH.

Before I continue, I would like share to you some terminology about game which you should know and remember at least this time. 

  • Hero, it’s the main character whom you play as. Usually hero is a good guy, someone who hold on truth and justice, he walk around the world to destroy evil
  • Enemy, enemy is enemy of main character, that can be bad guy, monster, and usually it is great in number.
  • Enemy Boss, this is monster which more powerfull than ordinary monster
  • Battle, when the hero meet with monster, he can’t stop it and he must fight to destroy the monster. During the battle hero will have HP (Hit Point) so do monster. They will hit each other and it will damage the opposite HP until one their HP reach 0. If the monster’s HP reach 0, it’s means that your hero win. That’s how usually the game work.
  • Experience, everytime your hero defeat a monster, he will get experience, this experience will make your hero level up after it’s reach some level.
  • Armor and weapon, you need it to equip you so you can deal more damage into monster and receive less damage when hitted by monster.

OK, enough introduction now I want to tell you about how playing a game can be inpiring my life the way to grow. In a game when you want become stronger, you need to:

  1. Level up, yes it’s totally neccessary to level up your heroes. With higer level your hero can defeat more monster, moreover he can defeat more powerful monster. So how can your hero level up? He need experience, and the experience is got by fighting the monster with less power. It’s giving me lesson, that if meet a small task in your life, consider it as small monster. If you can finish it, you will gain experience in the real meaning. So then for all small task you receive, don’t refuse it, just take it and finish it as you way of getting experience. And believe me that some day a bigger task will come, and it a sign that you have LEVEL UP your life.
  2. Use the best armor and weapon. This the way your hero grow up too. Using a best armor, your hero will survive. And using best weapon your hero can deal damage more so than he can defeat the enemy faster. In our life sometime we also need this armor and weapon. It’s not in the real meaning, but in my perspective, armor is the filter about something come in to us. Today we experience a crisis situation and  there are many bad news to us. So it’s will be very good if we can filter bad information, which can depress ourself and let us down. But we will proceed with good information which help us to be optimistic and grow. Weapon is more like skill for me. The good weapon should be sharp. So we need to have a sharp skill in this world so we can fight each problem which come to us. The more skill and deeper skill, the more easier each problem can be faced.
  3. Take a rest,  hero in all of game need to take a rest before he fight another monster. This is a good example that in real life we need to have a time when we let our body resting. It’s a condition when you realease all your stress and try something fun. This state is called vacation. So it’s not good to you work / study all the time without rest. When your hero resting in a game, he will recover all of his power. So the next battle will be easier. So do in our life, take a rest for a moment and you will feel that your body refreshed. Sometime if not take a rest, it will work but it’s not in the effective way. Take a rest and see a better way

That’s all the game teach me. In playing a game usually we are desired to use cheat. But I don’t consider it as a good way, we just came to a highest level of our hero without experiencing anything. I just can’t satisfy with this condition.

So do in real life, belief me that it’s okay to take experience, because it will bring you a lesson. Actually to bring quality in your life, it’s need time and process, that mean gathering experince and it’s not instant. So be prepared for facing some problem and process, it’s all for your growth.

So as a last word I just want to motivate you to keep grow in all your day, because it’s good to reach the end when you have growed.

* Prepare as Toeastmaster Project BM #4, 03/04/2009


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