Across The Universe

It’s a movie review about a film I watch recently. Published by Discovery Channel with duration around 90 minutes, it’s a very delightful movie, and the most great movie for discovery series. That’s why I love Discovery Channel so much.

Started with facts that we have billions of stars captured by telescope, and probably half of it have solar system. With even with probability 0.0000002%, we have 1 planet which same texture, structure, composition like earth. So it’s possible to have another planet with a living being there, far away.

I’m try not spoil so much but the thing that I like so much that this movie is supported by some great scientist from around the world. Let say Michiokaku, Stephen Hawking, and some biologist, climatologist, NASA, etc. And it’s so telling us that this dream is real, and someday we will find that planet with another creature inside.

But before we hope so much to find it, in this film it’s also said that the planet may be contain a civilization of creature with may be more intelegent than us. Let just hope they don’t find us first 🙂

I will stop in here about Alien Planet movie, (because I appreciate copy right, haha…) and now I will jump to a game which show the same theme of it.


It’s what the game called. It’s tycoon type game, which we can create not a building or zoo or city but creature. Yes creature, and the interesting one is that it show how the creature evolve from the one cell organism to be a complex one. During the process which take millions years, one creature will dominate the planet, and develop its culture. At this moment this creature like human being. But the game isn’t end yet, it’s continue the journey to an universal life. It’s show that in one galaxy we can find some other life and we can decide if we want to make it a friend or an enemy.

Pretty much interesting when you play something that probably become real and one day we will living on it. We can find another culture out there on some other space and believe me that it may be out of what we are think.


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