Books and Pen – Part one of My Hobbies

In my elementary, secondary and high school, when some people asked me what my hobby is, simply I would answer ‘Reading’. I loved read very much that time. All the time beside school and do some regular activities, I read. I started read everywhere, in my room, in my parent shop, on the journey inside a car, in public transport, book store, etc. I have so much book that I read, very different type based on my age that time, from comic book, novel, magazine, etc. And the greatest achievement related to my reading hobby was having a book library in my house.

Surely that time, I am not rich enough, but together with my sister, I committed to save almost 80% of our pocket money for buying books. So although it was not a great library, we had realized our own library. It had more than 200 books that time. Doraemon, Kung Fu Boy, Kindaichi and Kotaro are my best collection in comic line. Another type is story books like Goosebumps; this is the first non-image book I ever read. The story is fiction, so much fiction but I love it because it full imagination.

Not only collecting books, we learn how to manage books that time. We make a catalog. We give label for each book and then the most interested part is we rent the books to someone else who like to read it. This is our first income for us, although when we re-think, our spent is bigger than our income. No problem, it’s our hobby not our job. We don’t seek money, but we seek pleasure for everyone who like read.

Another interesting thing I did that time is beside read, collect, and manage book is my passion to be a writer. So my second hobby that time is ‘Writing’. Inspired by RL Stine, Goosebumps writer, I learn to release my imagination and create a story. Because RL Stine is a mystery writer so my writing is much more adopt his style.

The first step to learn how to write for me is by creating a summary from Goosebumps that I had been read. It difficult because I should get all 144 pages (Goosebumps usually have this number of pages) summarized into 2-3 pages. And finally I have summarized all Goosebump series I have (around 60 titles). That is the start; the next thing I should do is creating my own stories.

As an amateur writer, my purpose just only one, to write all things come from my though. I don’t care if anybody like it or not, but at least I enjoy it. The excited part is when I do brainstorming (I don’t believe it is the best phrases for ‘Melamun’ in bahasa). It’s like I’m sucked into a brand new world, I have new name, I have new character, new life. And then like I push ‘Play’ button, I start my journey, making some experiment, do something and experience metaphysic things.

In some plot, it run smoothly, but some other plot it stuck. When I am getting stuck, I like to push ‘Rewind’ button and try to find another mail stone that can be brook to create a new plot, releasing from stuck. Brainstorming part takes the longest time. Because usually I did it until I finish my story in my head.

After that I start to write. I can’t write if I have some part incomplete in my story. I really enjoy the writing part. Usually it happen really smooth, just like re-dig the story I have in my memory. But it takes the long time too, considering I need to write it manually because that time I don’t have computer.

Two of greatest story that I write are titled ‘Ghost Jungle’ and ‘Dream World’. My style in writing is not mention the big chunk at the beginning instead let the reader define it at the end. And if I can speak, I don’t like to show the title at first. Let the title come in the last and conclude entire story. Just like my second book ‘Dream World’, I make the protagonist character life normally and he didn’t realize that he is in dream world. So do the reader, I want to bring the reader being unconscious that the character they read is not in real world. I want to keep it until the end actually, but the title spoil it, that why I hate the title in this case.

I write more than 10 stories at that time, and usually I have some theme for 2-3 stories I have. For the example I create ‘Ghost Jungle’, ‘Ghost Jungle 2’, and ‘Ghost Jungle 3’. Each story is different but it have same topic, about scary jungle. That’s my style, as I told you before much likely RL Stine in creating Goosebumps.

Almost 6 years I live in these hobbies. Wonderful experiment for me and exactly give me new perspectives. That somebody can be someone s/he like although they are separated so far. I want to be writer that time, I love to imagine something outside my mind, creating new world and creating life there. And I know I have reached it that time, I just need to polish it some more.

But then I stop. Yes I stop.


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