Lost – Session 6

Watching new session of serial TV ‘Lost’, have woke me up.  If there is one serial TV for me that greatly impact my point of view, teach me about various life, advice me about which part of my life that need me to decide and which part that suppose to be happened; that program is Lost.

This final session is started from episode 0 (just like always). Episode 0 will give us flash back not only previous session, but all session summary from the first session. I just think that the director of this film should have a very large story the beginning. I would say so because each session, each episode connects one another just like full big puzzle. Many serial, we can watch each session separately, e.g. I skip watching Smallville session 4, but I still can get the story when I start to watch 5th session. But I don’t think it will work for Lost, you skip one episode is potentially bring confusion for the next one. Can’t explained if you skip one session.

That’s why episode 0 may help to understand the whole story by giving the summary of all previous session in one single episode. It’s good to watch episode 0 as preamboule, but I think it’s better to watch all previous session. Another function of episode 0 is to remind all audience to previous session although the audience has already watch previous session completely. Why do the audience need to be reminded? It is because the delay between one session to another session is pretty far, e.g. Lost session 5 end in May 2009 and the next session (6th) just started in February this year.

For me Lost have special power to be watched because it is connect with my character. To describe it, I can say that Lost contain mystery, and I love mystery. I think Lost can be compared with any mystery story written by Syamalan like Sixth Sense, The Village, and The Happening. There are many unanswered questions that the audience will ask, and it will be answered one by one until the end. Still  few questions still may be unanswered at the end. But for me that make my head and brain thinking, make an assumption and try to guess what next.

The second things I love from Lost is that Lost is a film about Life. A very deep character is describe and greatly played by each actors. I like the leadership of Jack, the ambiguous Kate, military type of Sayid, the conman Sawyer, the destiny guy John Locke and many other characters which are very well played in this serial. TV serial usually have one protagonist character which is deeply made; for Lost all characters are deeply made.

This film also tell us about their life in past, present and future. It’s also why I am very proud to the director who can connect each role in past, make them meet each other in the present and still connected them in the future.  I think it is a brilliant thought to be able create this kind of plot.

But finally, this film should reach the end. I am not gonna sad with that, because I know a good story should have an ending. And I am glad that Lost just reach only 6 sessions. The longer the session may cause the audience getting bored too. That’s why I think it is a good time to end this serial.

Final session just begin, I can’t wait to watch it every Tuesday, of course I will thank to every torrent seed that provide me this movie very fast from the oven.  Just can’t wait to see where this story will go 🙂

NB. Talking about new session, made me remember, that today is also may be a new session for my blog 😀

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