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DYKS – Argentina

Argentina means Land of Silver. The name Argentina comes from Argentum which means silver.

My lost glasses

The journey started last night when I realized that I lost my glasses.

Then today become a great hunting day for me, since I start to look for my glasses through my memories and facts.

Yesterday I walked with my friend repairing his laptop in one electronic center in South Jakarta.  I remember I used my glasses when watching the technician worked on my friend’s laptop. So it should be a good start. Then today evening I came back to this place, tried to find any clues.

Surely I asked people on laptop shop we visited yesterday, if they found glasses that  I might dropped. But they said they didn’t found any. Bad fact, but it’s interesting. Means that the investigation must go on.

I try to flash back every steps I made during my journey yesterday. I remember I drank milk shake on one of fast food restaurant so I went there.  One clue that I found was that yesterday I could see clearly the price of each menu in the menu board lying on the ceiling. It means I still had my glasses that time. Good info, so I asked the bartender if I might leave it on the restaurant, but they said no.

Next destination was a watch store.  A new piece of my memory came to my head. I remember I still wore my glasses when I tried to read one of watch’s trademark. I remember in my memory I though that my minus getting worse since I couldn’t read that word. Good, may be I dropped it there somewhere. “No”, the shopkeeper said “I there was anything our customer left, we would surely keep it and return it”.

Last stop should be the credit card applicant stand. I went there and found that I still use my glasses yesterday. I saw the form that I filled yesterday, it’s not possible to me filling it without my glasses. But the customer service said another ‘No’ to me.

And I gave up…

I didn’t go anywhere else yesterday. Where else should I looking for? In my head I started thinking that I drop it on recycle bin or left it on public transport. But at least I have trained my brain, I tried my best to dig every memories in my head and found something that I can write here :D. A great achievement I think.

So I went home and turn on my laptop…

When I saw my glasses there…