Curving shoot

Recently I have a deep thought in my leisure time about a phenomena we ever watch in film “Wanted”. In That movie we saw Angelina Jolie perform a curving shoot, which she pass after performing some movement and use special bullet, if I am not mistaken, gee this movie has been there along long ago.

When you shoot a bullet using a gun, you will see that the bullet straightly goes to the target isn’t it? That’s not exactly correct. When we remember back to our high school physic book we will know that the condition (straight route of a bullet) never happened. Because when the bullet is passed from the gun, there are 2 forces work on it. First is push force that push the bullet from gun to the target and the second one is gravity force that pull the bullet into the ground. So the route isn’t straight , it’s a curve.

It is easier when we don’t use a gun and a bullet but a baseball pitcher. Lets imagine a pitcher without a catcher who trow a ball straightly to the the front. What would be the route. I think the route will be like this:
baseball curve route

Yes it’s curving when the ball falls into the ground, because of gravity. Now lets look at the forces that work on it:
forces on the ball

The ball is pushed to the right by force Fa but since there is gravity force Fb, the ball is moving down and the route is a curve.

Now if we want to have this curve route when we shoot a bullet, what will we need?
curve bullet

This is exactly like the movement of baseball we talked earlier. We just need to make 2 forces work on this bullet:
Forces on curve bullet

Fa is force of the gun shoot. The force that we need is Fb which can be easily made by straight movement on Fb direction. So theoretically this curve bullet is possible to create, I just didn’t put any proportional number on them (I believe that we may need a very detail calculation to  exactly find the value of Fb and bullet mass to make this condition happen).

So although I don’t really a fans of Angelina Jolie, I still believe that what she done on the movie is possible to do 🙂


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