Kung Fu Kid

This movie is second movie that for me it has many good quotes and lessons to learn. The first is Kung Fu Panda, but since it’s like a long time ago, lets skip it and talk about Kung Fu Kid. (Just wonder why both of them have Kung Fu in the title)

Kung Fu Kid

Wu ji bi fun – Doing something too much is not good.

Dre         : What time will we train tomorrow?

Mr Han : We won’t train tomorrow. Wu ji bi fun… Doing something too much is not good.

We do many routine in our daily life. Something we like, or something we don’t like. If we do something we don’t like too much, it make us stress out and probably get crazy, sick, and believe me it will not end very good. But how if we do something that we enjoy too much? Doesn’t it sound good and we shouldn’t worry about that? No it is not. Still something that you do too much is not good. You like football and you play it everyday, then before thirty you will get your leg crippled out (except you are athlete). The real story come from my friend that fitness too much; he said, my muscle has its limit and I should aware about that. If you like singing doesn’t mean you can sing all the time; take a break and rest your voice. So the point in here is, there is a time to pause. Don’t work too much, don’t study too much, take a break and do something else. Make your life colorful and not monotonous.

Life sometime make us down. But the choice to rise up again is in our hand.

Mr Han : (to Dre) Yesterday you tough me a lesson. Life sometime make us down. But the choice to rise up again is in our hand.

Yes, simple message… When you down, come and rise up. Life is short and you shouldn’t put too much time on feeling blue. Additionally, we should know that even in failure that makes us down, there is something that we can learn. So get up, learn something and do something better.  Don’t waste time. Feeling down doesn’t give anything beneficial.

She is my best friend who makes me a better person

(Dre’s letter for Mei Yei’s father)

Best friend is honest. Best friend doesn’t think about her/himself but s/he think about you. S/He wants you become a better person, vice versa. Sometime s/he even knows you better than you are. Treasure your best friend as you are.

Take a mirror at your surrounding.

Dre         : Do you see the women that copying the snake?

Mr Han : You don’t see closely. The woman doesn’t copy the snake. The snake does copy the woman. When your heart and thought  is pure, your surrounding will mirror you.

How do we know about ourselves? How can we measure ourselves? Take a mirror at your surrounding. When you see that something wrong around you, introspect yourself; probably you need to change yourself. Take a mirror with your friend, your college, your spouse. But see it with pure hearth and pure thought. Since if you aren’t, you won’t see the truth. See yourself at your surrounding and make a change.

Learn Fung Fu from anything

Mr Han : You learn Kung Fu from doing your daily activities. Kung Fu live in all part of your life.

I don’t want you to get Kung Fu lesson from your daily activities. But the essence is that from everything we do, we can take lessons. Everything happens and makes you stronger. Face your life and learn from every second of it.

Like the last quote I mention above, yes let take this movie as a lesson for our life. 😀


2 responses to “Kung Fu Kid

  1. No wonder you watched the film twice. Needed time to write the quotes down, didn’t you? Kekeke..

  2. It’s vice versa… Since I watch the movie twice so I can write it hehehehe,,,

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