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DYKS: Kamehameha is Name of Hawaiian King

For young people that live chilhood around 90th, they must know Kamehameha as one of ultimate skill for Dragon Ball chaser (Goku cs.).

But it originally the name of former king of Hawaiian Island that lived on 16th – 17th century.


DYKS: French Fries is not coming from France

Yes originally it comes from Belgium

Electric Box

One of the best logical free flash game I ever play. The first game that make me use my brain without boring.

The rule is simple to connect power with target using any limited tools provided.

electric box

The best problem solving game ever b^^d

play here

Must try game for puzzle lover.

DYKS – Sum of opposite side of dice is 7

Proper dice will has sum of opposite side = 7.

So the net of proper dice can be shown as below:

Make your colorful story

Just came back from a heavy rainy stressful evening. Today is Friday, so I went to Senayan City for Cool. The simple route is walking from office to Antasari street and then waiting for public bus. But since I have a friend who went to same direction with me, so we planned to ride taxi. It’s still cheap because we can share the cost, moreover it started to rain out there.

Heavy traffic in front of office made us change the plan. We though we gonna stuck in the street for hours if we ride taxi in front of the office. So we crossed the street and waited for taxi in opposite direction. No taxi came and the rain was getting harder. We were caught there and waiting for almost an hour for taxi that never arrived.

Probably we should not cross the street at the first time,,, It’s better get caught in traffic inside taxi than get caught in the rain without taxi,,,

Now it’s time to make plan B. We rode public bus and went to Citoz, a mall near office, and we hoped we can get taxi there. Wrong calculation, after 200 meters only walking from bus stop, we got wet almost full body. Now we reached Citoz and there’s no taxi there,,, What an unfortunate,,,

Probably we shouldn’t go to Citoz at the first time,,, It’s better to wait for taxi in front of office. Now we were soaked and still had no taxi,,,

After 15 minutes taxi hunting, racing with some people that also looking for taxi in Citoz, we finally got an available taxi. So we were now good to go. In the next half an hour we reached Senayan City. I had a very wet clothes and shoes and the mall is pretty much colder than I thought. I was freezing,,,

Probably I shouldn’t go to Senayan City at the first time,,, It’s better to get home and feel warm. But now I totally felt dizzy and all my body shaken,,,

Then my friend asked me: “Why it’s seem that every decision we make is a mistake?” She is right. Probably if we change our decision, we won’t get this mess. But then I felt something inside me told me “It’s happen so we have story about it”

Yes,,, Behind all bad things that happened to us, we had a story to tell other people. The story that I write here right now. I just imagine if we just took taxi in front of office and get into Senayan City easily. Well I don’t need to share that experience in my blog then,,,

But since we chose another option, we experienced something different, something that make our life colorful. The story that is out of the routine and made us proud we experience it.

The second lesson is that I can be very proud since I can achieve my goal with many challenges. I am totally satisfy with myself that I can endure everything and finally able to join Cool at Senayan City. I believe that if I come there easily, I won’t be that proud.

One of my friend who likes traveling often post blog about his journey across the world. In his story, often he tell us that he missed the train schedule, went to wrong direction, caught in the middle of storm, got arrested by police, faced a drunk man. Are those an unfortunate? I don’t think so… For me it’s a ingredients that make up his story. And that all experiences, I believe, is the ones that make him proud of his journey…

I write at first line that I just came back from a heavy rainy stressful evening. But it’s not anymore ‘a heavy rainy stressful evening’ but now I think it’s ‘a wonderful unforgotten great experience’. See I believe that even misfortune can make our life colorful 😀

The best comical Bible to read

Bible tell us so many awesome stories about God’s love to human kind and story about His people live in faith, hope and love. However with so many words on there sometime we are so lazy even to start read it…

Gladly cartoonist Kim Shin Joong launch comical bible which is very much easy too read but still powerful since there is so many God’s Message said there.

Old testament will be divided into 6 books, and new testament will be divided into 4 books. In Indonesian version it’s still launched 7 books, but hopefully the last 3 books will be released soon.

OK with no many other words, I just want to recommend this book for your new style of bible daily bread. ^^ Enjoy !!!