My Best Bad Day

Tuesday, 28 Dec 2010. I went to dentist that evening for check up my teeth. And then it was becoming the most awesome 3 hours bad luck in my life.

I had no clue at all that it will be my worst day. I just left office around 5.15 PM and took bus. And then it started raining and this one is very windy. The door of bus was closed to avoid water went into the bus. 30 minutes later I reached my destination and walked out of bus. I pulled the door to open but it didn’t budge. One of the service boy helping me, and we pull the door together. I didn’t notice at all when his finger suddenly pinched on the door. I was panic, so I tried harder to pull the door so we could release his finger. But oppositely, he started to scream. I though I need to pull harder, but when I did it he screamed louder. It was when one of passenger told me that I should push rather than pull to release his finger. Oh my God, so it meant that I when I pull it, I hurt him more. I just didn’t realize before, I didn’t mean to do that. So I said I am sorry, but all passengers in bus have put their eyes on me.

So with ashamed, I got out quickly from the bus.  I didn’t see that motorcycle run after me. Luckily (yes there is still luck in this story) the rider pulled a break fast. I was saved, but again with angry face of several rider around me.

The rain was hard, so I used my umbrella. The wind is very strong so my umbrella was swirled. I walked to the dentist around 10 minutes and I got 3 times of my umbrella swirled and 2 times of a car splashed the water on me. So when I arrived at dentist, all my body is wet. I didn’t have mood to check my teeth anymore that time, but I should, I had been there.

The room was very cold and I was wet, made me feel colder. The next incident is about queue number. I got no 46. After 5 minutes of waiting, my number is called, so I woke up from my chair. Then I just notice another madam also woke up from her chair. She had same number as mine. How is it possible? So I let her went first and waiting again. It’s not a big deal actually beside the longer I wait, the colder I felt.

After that, everything went well, and it’s now a time to go home. I planned to take taxi, but can’t find one for 15 minutes. So I need to take public transport again. When I had been inside the public transport, I realized that I didn’t have any more money in small pieces. My money left was 1 paper of 50,000 and 1 paper of 1,000 and 1 coin of 500 rupiahs. The fee of public transport was 2,000 rupiahs, so how can I pay it?

When I got down, I gave the driver 50,000 rupiahs and expect the exchange. But he said he didn’t have exchange so I gave him 1,500 rupiahs. He was okay, but inside me I felt guilty. The income of public transport driver is not too much, and I just paid under the standard. Shame on me 😦

So after all that things… I start to think…

It’s like the life is unpredictable. I never plan all those bad things, nobody ever plan it. It just like movie ‘Just my luck’, bad things, good things they came randomly to people. Luckily it just happens only 3 hours to me and actually it’s not that bad. I am still able to endure it.

It’s not fun and exactly not comfortable when all people notice your mistake, like when I pinched the finger of a boy in bus and when I jumped in to road without seeing. But that was what happens when you are panic, you lost. May be I need to calm down a bit. In other hand, I think I am too much blame myself with what people though which they probably not think as bad as my thinking. Let it go, it’s my fault, but not intentionally. I have regretted it, now let it go.

And other bad things those happen. It just the color of story, it’s bad, but with all of these, I can have story to tell, rather than if everything going plain in my journey to dentist.

So when I got home that night, I started to write this story. It was my bad day. But it’s my best bad day.  🙂


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