Three Versions of Blue Dragon

This is my first time to upload video music in my blog.

For several people, music is something that can inspired them, or something that just beautiful to listen. Some people like to have music with lyric and for them the lyric of the song can be really important.

But it’s a little bit different style for me. I love kind of music which without lyric, it’s already inspiring. So for me it doesn’t matter what the lyric are, as long as when I listen to it I get the inner message of it.

That’s why the type of music that I like is usually the soundtrack of the movie, which although I don’t know the lyric, I still can imagine the message that the song deliver to me.

This one is my favorite.

Blue Dragon

Listening to this song is quite bring me heroic experiment. Moreover the movie itself: Team Medical Dragon is one of the heroic movie I ever watch. This song’s totally touching my heart.

The Full Band Version


Song with Lyric, code name Asthetic

Actually I’m never able to catch the lyric of this song all this time. But somehow I find the song lyric in youtube today. So since it’s a big day for me to find the lyric, so I will rewrite it in here. The lyric is not bad I’d say, but also not best like what I am thinking of. But after all I love the song and the lyric is just bonus.


Longing for you
Day and in dream
I’m hoping you here
And leading my way

You steer my road
Anytime I need
If you walk away
I will follow you

Trying my life
With your sacred gifts you gave to me
I won’t vein
And succeed it as your precious soul

Holding your hand
And I’m walking through the all of the world
Carrying your wish
Like the Venus in the dim sky


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