Are you working?

I just read a book titled ‘The Lazy Way to Success’ by Fred Gratzon. An unusual book, and I’m pretty much interesting to write down in here the characteristic of passionate job or not based on this book (I can’t have a better vocab, so let use this ‘passionate job’ for a while). So here they are in my own wording.

The book 'Lazy Way to Success'

If you have passion in what you are doing:
1. you will do it nonstop without boring and will do it great spirited and creativity
2. you will do it joyfully even when they aren’t paid for it
3. Every hardship is a challenge to moving forward not obstacle
4. Other people success in same area can inspire you, not make jealousy
5. you will do it following your heart, not following what people tell you

In the other hand if you doing something impassioned (which mean you are ‘working’), you will find the opposite characteristics.


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