Unfair Lord or Generous Lord?

Matthew 20:1-6

The scripture is about a lord who hires several labors to work in his land. The contract is that they will be paid a penny a day.

There is 2 type of labors that is hired:
– Labors who start working from the beginning of the day until the dawn
– Labors who start working not from the beginning of the day, since in the lord thinks that the work still much, so he hires again several labors in the third, sixth, ninth and eleventh hour.

All of them receive 1 penny that day. What do you think about the Lord?

Some people sceptically will say that he is unfair.
But let wait a minute and think again, why will he be unfair? He just act based on his promise. 1 penny a day.

So rather than saying that, let say that he is a generous man. He gave 1 penny even for labor that worked only one hour. They will be glad for his generosity.

In life let see everything not in negative side, see the positive one and you will be thankful.


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