Some unusual things around

I hope I take picture of all this weird but fun things. But probably without picture they are better. Let our imagination go wild for them.

1. Pink Dashboard of 509 bus. Well I saw it on Valentine day 14 February 2011. Just coincidence?

2. Sentul City Sign. Not too many city can place its name on high hill. Sentul is a place with hill, so they can put the city name there. A great hill, but I am afraid there nothing else ^^. But I like the town (would rather call it town than city), it’s so homey.

3. Scott Pilgrim vs The World. A unusual movie, but really like it. This movie is dedicated for you all the game lovers.

4. A man with big smile that I meet everyday when I walk to the office. I don’t know him, but he always smile at me like he do it on purpose. Should I be scared?

5. A handkerchief masked man. He walk while looking down and use handkerchief to close his face (I think it covers his face from the bottom to the eyes). I don’t know if he can see the road. Is he shy?

If I watch surrounding, I meet something that really uncommon. That is the earth that we live on. It is colorful isn’t it?

After sometime, weird things still happen around me, so I decide to make this post as Mega Post which will be updated regularly

6. A plastic covered Hand Phone. A fine woman sitting next to me at Kopaja uses it. She calls and texts with plastic cover it. Probably the gadget is sensitive to direct touch.


2 responses to “Some unusual things around

  1. homey bung. homie sih nama bapae’ bart simpson. hahaha..

  2. Thanks James for the correction… Ngga merah2 sih di Ms Word hehehe

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