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What is the purpose?

In the great canyon, two fighters are dueling for life or death.
Find the dialog below:

X : Now i am going to make you disappear forever, hiyaaahh!!!
Y : Wait,, wait,, hold on,,, hold on,,, what do you say?
X : I am going to make you disappear…. forever…
Y : And that’s means?
X : …
Y : You want to kill me?
X : Yes, sure… I think you understand
Y : How could I suppose to understand that…
X : Why… why couldn’t you understand that, it’s pretty clear
Y : Clear? No it’s the most ambiguous phrases I ever heard
X : Why?
Y : Because it’s too long…and ambiguous?
X : But it’s dramatic..
Y : Hey listen, if you want to achieve your goal, you must have clear purpose
X : It’s clear, and… dramatic
Y : It’s not clear, I can’t understand it
X : Too bad on you
Y : Hey man, you can’t do that, if you want to achieve your goal, you must have clear purpose and make anybody else understand your purpose
X : Why?
Y : Because they will work with you on your purpose
X : So you will work with me on my purpose
Y : Yes if I can understand your purpose. It’s important to make clear purpose…
X : OK I will try to make you understand my word
Y : Say again…
X : OK I am going to make you disappear forever !!!
Y : No… no… no,,, I can’t understand it. Just say you want to kill me, OKAY!!!
X : No
Y : Why not?
X : because I can’t understand all this conversation
Y : Why?
X : I don’t get your purpose of this conversation
Y : It’s clear
X : No, it’s not
Y : OK I will say again
X : Do it!
Y : My purpose is to make you understand that you need mee to understand your purpose
X : …
Y : So you understand?
X : No…
Y : …
X : …