DYKS: Magical Number of Seven

Average human has capability to differentiate similar information into 7 groups. For example if people are asked to 100 glassless drinks sweet tea randomly with all of them is in different sugar level. Then they are asked to sort from the lowest level to highest level of sweetness. Averagely they will have 7 categories before making a mistake.

This is also the reason why the digit of phone number is limited to 7, because the average capability of human can store different number is 7. That is the magical of number 7.


2 responses to “DYKS: Magical Number of Seven

  1. just doing blogwalking and get dumped here, keep posting bro πŸ™‚

  2. OK bro, hopefully can post at least once a month…
    It’s getting slower lately πŸ˜€

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