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My Own Rule of Sewing

My umbrella is torned. I think I need to fix it before it’s getting bigger and bigger. So I try to sew it by my hand.

After 5 minutes, I give up…

Next time if I need to sew something, I shouldn’t do it on the road side at 6.00 pm while waiting for public transport. It won’t work to me.

NB. Will try in different situation and will post it if I have chance

Clip Without Editing

Recently I watch video clip which I assume have no editing component inside. No editing in here means that the full video is taken from beginning to the end without any cut using one camera.

For example: Bruno Mars – Lazy Song

And Italian song: oração . a banda mais bonita da cidade

I think this kind of work is very awesome and hard to make. Because everything should run in right time and without making major mistake. If a big mistake which can’t be tolerated occurs, it needs to be started all over again.

The collaboration and team work is really needed to compose correct harmony. So… Salute to the clip maker.

On Someone Else Shoes

Several day ago I go to mall with my friend loking for gift for someone’s birthday. While waiting I am walking around shoes shelf and do window shopping.

Then I see one shoes in the floor. I think probably someone drop it or forget to put it back in the shelf after trying. So with a generous mind I offer myself to put it back into the shelf.

And right after I lift it, there is man’s voice shout on me “Hey, that is my shoes”

I drop it and go away… I think I need to find wastafel….


This song really talks so much lately to me….
So I post in hopefully you can be blessed as well

“Unashamed” by Starfield

I have not much to offer You, Not near what You deserve
But still I come because Your cross, Has placed in me my worth

Oh, Christ my King of sympathy, Whose wounds secure my peace
Your grace extends To call me friend, Your mercy sets me free

I can’t explain this kind of love, I’m humbled and amazed
That You’d come down from heavens heights, And greet me face to face

And I know I’m weak, I know I’m unworthy, To call upon Your name
But because of grace, Because of Your mercy,
I stand here unashamed

“Unashamed” by Jayesslee

In Five Stars Hotel Room They Look Same

Several time ago I have a chance to go to Bandung for office project. I and my friend are staying in 5 stars hotel and it’s so awesome.

Honestly it’s my second time to stay in luxury hotel. The first one is the day before I am interviewed in company I work now. So I am still amazed by all things I see in 5 stars hotel room.

Let see the card key lock, swimming pool faced balcony, great interior design with night lamp, 2 royal beds, 29 inch flat TV with full tv cable programs, a mini bar full of soft and hard drinks. Also I find big dresser, which I can hide in if I want.

The room also has amazing bathroom. A big bathroom with bathtub, hot water and complete toiletries.

I am happy when it’s time to take bath. I ask my friend if I can go first. He is okay so I get into the bathroom and turn on the water. I see 2 big towels across the room and 1 small towel hanging on bathtub. I don’t think I need the big one, so I pick the small one.

Then when all ready I jump into warm bathtub and stay in. Very comfortable…

It’s like I can stay forever in bathtub, but it already almost half of an hour. So I step out, dry my body using the small towel. And get out of the bathroom. Definitely it’s one of best moment in my life.

I told my friend how great to have a bath in 5 stars hotel. And he goes to take a bath too. I am sitting on the bed and watching TV, start enjoying another great moment when my friend shout to me.

“Hey which towel are you using? It seem both of them is still clean”, he says.

“I use the small one, so both of big towels are clean. You can use any of them”, I reply.

Oh No…
Hadi, are you using doormat as your towel?”


A Fine Day for Car Burglary Trial

It’s already dark and star to rain. I and my friends get down from the car and go to the restaurant.

We are almost sitting on the table, when I remember that I forget to bring down one thing from the car. So I borrow the car key from my friend (It is his car we ride previously) and go back to get it.

It starts rain and I use the key on the keyhole. It is a silver Avanza car. I turn it,,, uhmm it is stuck. I try harder, and I can’t even turn it one degree. I try to turn to other direction and it’s not working either. Oh no, I am will lost my face if I ask help from my friend. How could I can’t open the car door? A simple thing to do….

Then, I pull off the key. I take a look at the key and feel afraid if I have broken it somehow. I am getting more nervous.

It’s when I see my friend, the owner of the car, comes to me in hurry. I feel very dumb that time. I say: “The key isn’t working, I don’t know why. “

“Of course it is not working!!!! You use in wrong car, my car is a BLACK HYUNDAI”

Mama Roz

Today I go to supermarket next to my neighborhood and as usual I drop myself near to Mama Roz shelf.  I put my attention seriously to each of these many bottles, and then a sales promotion girl who stand next to me ask me:
(SPG = Sales Promotion Girl;  M = Me)

SPG: Can I help you sir, which flavor you like to have?
M: Hmmm…
SPG: There are mango, apple, orange, lemonade!
M: Nope…
SPG: We also have kiwi, strawberry, guava!
M: No…no…
SPG: Or probably you want the mix one sir: apple-carrot, pineapple-mango, orange-papaya!
M: I don’t think so…
SPG: Or if you like soya, there is soya green tea, soya cappuccino and soya apple!
M: Not exactly what I want…
SPG: Do you search the discount one sir?
M: Oh yeah that what I search (big smile 😀 😀 glad to know that the discount one is available)
SPG: What flavor?
M: Any flavor
SPG: …………………………………………………

Note: MamaRoz is one of fresh drink / juice product packed in 600ml bottle. It’s very fresh so it can only stay for 3 days at maximum. In supermarket, if it’s the day before the expiration date, it will discount up to 70%