Mama Roz

Today I go to supermarket next to my neighborhood and as usual I drop myself near to Mama Roz shelf.  I put my attention seriously to each of these many bottles, and then a sales promotion girl who stand next to me ask me:
(SPG = Sales Promotion Girl;  M = Me)

SPG: Can I help you sir, which flavor you like to have?
M: Hmmm…
SPG: There are mango, apple, orange, lemonade!
M: Nope…
SPG: We also have kiwi, strawberry, guava!
M: No…no…
SPG: Or probably you want the mix one sir: apple-carrot, pineapple-mango, orange-papaya!
M: I don’t think so…
SPG: Or if you like soya, there is soya green tea, soya cappuccino and soya apple!
M: Not exactly what I want…
SPG: Do you search the discount one sir?
M: Oh yeah that what I search (big smile 😀 😀 glad to know that the discount one is available)
SPG: What flavor?
M: Any flavor
SPG: …………………………………………………

Note: MamaRoz is one of fresh drink / juice product packed in 600ml bottle. It’s very fresh so it can only stay for 3 days at maximum. In supermarket, if it’s the day before the expiration date, it will discount up to 70%


One response to “Mama Roz

  1. huahahaha.. dasar c*na lo! kekeekekek..

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