A Fine Day for Car Burglary Trial

It’s already dark and star to rain. I and my friends get down from the car and go to the restaurant.

We are almost sitting on the table, when I remember that I forget to bring down one thing from the car. So I borrow the car key from my friend (It is his car we ride previously) and go back to get it.

It starts rain and I use the key on the keyhole. It is a silver Avanza car. I turn it,,, uhmm it is stuck. I try harder, and I can’t even turn it one degree. I try to turn to other direction and it’s not working either. Oh no, I am will lost my face if I ask help from my friend. How could I can’t open the car door? A simple thing to do….

Then, I pull off the key. I take a look at the key and feel afraid if I have broken it somehow. I am getting more nervous.

It’s when I see my friend, the owner of the car, comes to me in hurry. I feel very dumb that time. I say: “The key isn’t working, I don’t know why. “

“Of course it is not working!!!! You use in wrong car, my car is a BLACK HYUNDAI”


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