In Five Stars Hotel Room They Look Same

Several time ago I have a chance to go to Bandung for office project. I and my friend are staying in 5 stars hotel and it’s so awesome.

Honestly it’s my second time to stay in luxury hotel. The first one is the day before I am interviewed in company I work now. So I am still amazed by all things I see in 5 stars hotel room.

Let see the card key lock, swimming pool faced balcony, great interior design with night lamp, 2 royal beds, 29 inch flat TV with full tv cable programs, a mini bar full of soft and hard drinks. Also I find big dresser, which I can hide in if I want.

The room also has amazing bathroom. A big bathroom with bathtub, hot water and complete toiletries.

I am happy when it’s time to take bath. I ask my friend if I can go first. He is okay so I get into the bathroom and turn on the water. I see 2 big towels across the room and 1 small towel hanging on bathtub. I don’t think I need the big one, so I pick the small one.

Then when all ready I jump into warm bathtub and stay in. Very comfortable…

It’s like I can stay forever in bathtub, but it already almost half of an hour. So I step out, dry my body using the small towel. And get out of the bathroom. Definitely it’s one of best moment in my life.

I told my friend how great to have a bath in 5 stars hotel. And he goes to take a bath too. I am sitting on the bed and watching TV, start enjoying another great moment when my friend shout to me.

“Hey which towel are you using? It seem both of them is still clean”, he says.

“I use the small one, so both of big towels are clean. You can use any of them”, I reply.

Oh No…
Hadi, are you using doormat as your towel?”



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