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Trip to Phuket – Day One, First Thing We Encounter

Last year on February, I and my office friend make a trip to Phuket Thailand. It’s my first trip overseas and gladly it’s very satisfying.

We plan it since 6 months before. Start by buying the cheap promotional Air Asia ticket. That is the time I start to love Air Asia, it has many promo all over the year; if you plan your trip far enough in the future it’s very cheap. By that time it only cost us IDR 700.000 for full flight.

This time we go by 4. 2 of them are my friend in the office, James and Birru, the other one is Birru’s friend Maro. We depart in the morning and if I am not mistaken it only takes around 2 hours flight.

It’s around noon when we arrive at Phuket airport. The airport is so so. I am not very impress, but it’s okay since I am not here to see airport :D. I want to see beaches and it’s gonna be wonderful vacation.

We need to take around 1 hour trip from airport to the Karon Beach. We go there because we find backpacker hostel there, and we choose it since it’s close to famous beach like Patong and Kamala but it not too famous itself, so hopefully it’s a little bit quite so we can own the beach by ourselves hehehehe

The first thing we do when we arrive at the hostel is to find food. It’s already late since+ lunch time. So we walk around the place, try to find food. And it ends to an arabian resto… Actually in Phuket, pork food is allowed, even recommended, so we have difficulties to find non pork meal. But now as we eat from Arabian resto, we can be sure that it safe.

(Actually I eat pork, but Birru and Maro can’t, so we try to find halal food, but when Birru and Maro aren’t around I and James going crazy to try any pork snack, it is a must!!!)

After eating, it’s about 4 PM, so we still have time before the show ‘Simon Cabaret’ we will attend at 7 PM, a lot of time actually (we buy the ticket when we are at airport, Phuket people is really smart I think, they catch the ball; we are also happy, we don’t need to put much effort to buy ticket).

So that afternoon, we play at the beach. Karon beach is very close to our hostel, probably 5 minutes walking. And it’s not packed, there are several tourists, but not many if them so we can enjoy the moment of privacy. And that is the first beautiful sunset we have in Phuket. I am amazed….

It’s getting dark, so we come back to hostel and prepare for ‘Simon Cabarets’ show. I think you can guess, yes it is lady boys show. They have many in here. And they are actually beautiful, even more beautiful than real Thai girl LOL….

They car pick us, the show is in Patong Beach, around 15 minutes from our place. I am very amazed by the tourism service in here. They are so understand us; they pick us in our hotel just for watching the show, so we don’t need to worry about transportation.

The bad thing is that we are late to get out the hotel, and since in the minibus there are several other people, they are getting upset. I think the culture of rubber time is only working in Indonesia, hehehe… At least they know now where do we come from… (not very proud of it, but let see everything positively ;)).

Now is the interesting part, ‘Simon Cabaret’, lady boy performance show. It’s very full pack. I am surprise that this place have these many tourists. And it’s very secure, I mean they guard it so that there no possibility of any body to take picture or video. So their show will be genuine, people can’t get its video, they need to go to this place to enjoy Thai lady boys.

The show itself is very interesting. In my life it’s the first time for me to watch live cabaret. I just about know that it’s a mimic performance, I mean they mimic the famous artist and sing or act like them. For example, they play like Madonna, Wonder Girl with ‘Nobody but You’, Marilyn Monroe, and several other (they play artist, not actor :p).

The second think of cabaret show is about great fashion show. It shows short play about world legend/historic/culture. Egyptian, Korean, Chinese, etc. They wear the traditional costume and entertain us with their beautiful movement. Also not forget that they are actually beautiful, sorry I should admit it, hohoho.

The most interesting part is when one of the performer, an old lady (old boys I mean), come down the stage and seduce the audience. And then one of the audience get honor to be plugged into her (his) boobies…. Yieksss…. I can’t imagine how the silicon boob taste, the more of it to aware that he kiss man chess. But I see that the victim glad enough while I am trying to find escape route just in case she (he) come and get me.

At the end of show, there is photo session, and it pay around 40.000 IDR to take a photo with them. Sorry, if it’s free I might consider to take picture with them, but with that fee there is no way I will go for it. And actually they cheat on it. They just force us (grab our hand) and make us take picture with them and then they make us pay, it’s dirty huh… They are bad boy after all.

And that is the end of day one. We go home and take rest. Quite great moment for first day. We need to save our energy. On the next day we will go for island hooping and snorkeling (we have buy the tour package in the airport before). Tomorrow will be quite busy day but I am excited 😀

Bonus: Phuket Tourism Map
Phuket Tourism Map


My Lost Glasses 2

It happened several months ago, when I come back from church by public bus no 615. I always ride it when I go to church so I do have any hesitance at all.

When it almost arrive at my place, I stand from my seat and walk to the door. Suddenly a man near me shout to me: “Sir is it your glasses? I see it down on the floor”. I my God how can I drop it? I don’t even aware I have dropped it.

I used to put off my glasses when I don’t use it and put it on my pocket on my shirt. There is so big chance actually it will be dropped in this case.

I take the glasses, and thank to the man who return my glasses. Since it’s already arrive at my place, so I get down quickly from the bus.

I am very glad that that man is very generous to return my glasses. Then I take a look at the glasses. It seems like my glasses. Yes it seems like my glasses but it’s not my glasses. I reach my pocket and find that there is my glasses.

Ooo… So whose glasses it is?

PS. Probably the correct title should be THE Lost Glasses rather than MY Lost Glasses. And next time I will make sure to check before I receive something from other people. And for someone who his/her glasses is on me, I am sorry buddy, don’t mean it. Contact me if you read this post

Stereogram: 3D inside 2D

Recently I received an abstract picture called Stereogram from my colleague in office. It’s called pyramid.

At first I think that it’s just an abstract image and there is no actually pyramid inside it. The painter surely comes from abstraction ordo.

But some of my friends tell me that the pyramid does exist in the picture, if I see it using specific method.And I find the guideline as follow:

Finally I find it and it’s really amazing that the pyramid inside it is an 3D image. It’s like the pyramid is come out outside the background. So how about you, can you find it?

And after that first finding, I spend 2 hours to stare at other stereograms, and now I master this stereogramgazing thing.

My other favorite stereograms:





Several stereograms can be identified without using any special view technique. The Kitty stereogram for example, you will know that this stereogram contain a cat. But if you gaze it correctly, you will find a perfect 3D cat inside it.

The other stereograms can’t be determined at all using normal view. Just like the starfish stereogram above, it seems nothing but sands. But if you gaze it correctly the starfish will appear outside the sand.

Stereogram is not only made into picture, but now-days we have what is called animated stereogram. And for sure it harder.

So enjoy this stereogram things!!!
Just last warning: be prepare for eye sickness and dizziness 😀

Vacation Mode Guidel Line

There are 2 reasons I start to write about my travelling story here:
1. Because I have long term memory loss sometime, so hopefully when I write it here it can help me remember about these beautiful stories in the future
2. I am inspired by another blog about traveling. There is many blog write about travelling, but there is one inspires me, so I will try to have same thing in here

There is several things change in my style of writing when I go to vacation mode:
1. I will state the date, so the story I write is clear when it happens, also I will state any information so hopefully it can be useful later
2. I will language more free style, don’t thinking too much about grammar and vocab (means that I will let the red/green line on the editor :D)

My first Lunar Eclipse Live Show

Thanks to one of my friend who informs me that today we can see lunar eclipse. It will start at 1.30 AM and will end around 4.30 AM. So here I am with a very hard eye waiting for the moon disappear.

Read books, play some games, chat with several friends who still online. Those all things that I do while waiting. And it seems very long. Several people will sleep and set the alarm to wake them up by 1.30 AM, but I am sure that thing will never happen to me, my biological clock is very consistent to wake up every morning at 7.00 AM; there is no chance I can wake at 1.30 AM. So here I am sleepy but I force myself to stay awake.

After a while, a long long while, finally it is 1.00 AM. So I get myself ready. Wash my face, take my jacket and go outside. Glad that sky is very clear today, and I can see moon very bright out there. Hmmm I need to find a good position to watch. I think I will go to the roofless area in second floor of my dorm. There is several chairs there so I can sit while enjoying eclipse. So I go there, I am not alone, the owner’s cat sitting there accompany me. Glad I have a friend. A little bit scary in this place.

There is a big tree I can see from this place. Hmmm a big tree with many branches seems frightening at night. Ah… don’t worry, there shouldn’t be anything. Let’s just enjoy the moon. But then I smell something unusual. Do I smell flowers? Ooo I think I need to move to other place. I am afraid there is a girl just take a bath and ask me accompany her, it’s gonna be very wrong. (If you think that my thought is dirty, at least I have positive thinking)

So I go to third floor of my dorm. I enjoy staying here. It’s the highest place in my dorm, and sometime if I feel melow, I will go here and see the star (then I will feel even melow-er). And I drink beer (believe me it’s true, but only once, and that is the last one, my stomach is too good for beer). It’s a small floor that is used to dry the clothes under the sun on the day. But on night since there nothing here beside me and the big sky, it turns to be the best place for me to hang over. So here I am over midnight waiting for great nature phenomenon.

There is a big water tank with ladder, so I sit there. Then I hear something behind water tank. Ooo, what’s that? Then something is moving around. Urghhh… it is a mouse, I jump down as fast as possible. Sorry mouse I don’t plan to watch eclipse with you.

So I go down to the first level, go to parking lot, I think it’s gonna be the last option. And hopefully in here I can’t watch eclipse peacefully. So I search for good position and face up. Wow The show starts…
The moon starts disappear. Very slow,,,, no… very very very very slow. My head is in pain because of face up to the sky for 5 minutes. I don’t think I can’t endure 1 hour.

That is when I hear another sound, from the roof. Ooo what’s again now? A thief? Or Santa (another positive thinking)? I turn my head and see a man. I’m almost shouting because there is a man with only sarung on bottom and nothing on top is standing on the roof, my neighbor’s roof. Oh no, who is he? Should I shout? And then he looks at me…

After several seconds he talks to me, “Are you eclipse gazing too?”. Ups I think I recognize him, he is my neighbor!!! I think I need to sleep…

I answer him, and actually I glad I have friend to watch together. I see the moon now halfway to dissappear. It’s beautiful. Now I know for sure that eclipse really happens and I am glad to witness it live.

After that satisfaction, now I am ready… to have a very long sleep… (sure a long sleep, and make me almost wake up at 8.00 AM today)

Note: I leave the moon when it in sickle shape, actually if I endure a little more I will witness the red moon. It is cool isn’t? Well I can’t go back to the past, and it’s said that the next one will come on 2015. I don’t I can wait, so I just watch at youtube… Here it is…

Black or white?

A boy meets a shepherd during his afternoon rest. The shepherd let all of his lambs drink the water from the oasis while he is sitting next the boy.

The boy enthusiast starts a conversation with him.

B: Could I ask you question sir?
S: Sure son, my pleasure…

B: Your lambs seem very healthy, what do you give to them for eat?
S: Which one son, the black ones or the white ones?

B: The black ones first then…
S: They eat fine grass

B: Then the white ones?
S: They eat fine grass too

B: Oh I see… How long they can walk everyday?
S: Which one son, the black ones or the white ones?

B: The black ones?
S: They can walk 4 km a day

B: And then the white ones?
S: They can walk 4 km a day too

The boy starts feel annoyed with the shepherd answer. But continue the chat.

B: They seem producing much wool, aren’t they?
S: Which one son, the black ones or the white ones?

B: The black ones…
S: They produce 10kg wool each year

B: And the white ones?
S: They produce 10kg wool each year too

B: Hei sir, why do you always divide to the black ones or the white ones if the answer is same… It’s very annoying you know!!! (The boy’s voice is raising and he seem a little bit upset)
S: Son, please don’t be angry… I tell you like this because the black ones are mine…

B: Ooo, sorry then that I get angry easily… I see now the black ones are yours … So the white ones?
S: The white ones are mine too son…


DYKS: Brain Freeze

I often experience this thing, but I just know that this experience is called brain freeze. It’s when you get headache while eating very cold ice cream. That’s why it’s also called ice cream headache.

Where I know it? I know it when watching Diary of Wimpy Kids 2
How to stop it?