My first Lunar Eclipse Live Show

Thanks to one of my friend who informs me that today we can see lunar eclipse. It will start at 1.30 AM and will end around 4.30 AM. So here I am with a very hard eye waiting for the moon disappear.

Read books, play some games, chat with several friends who still online. Those all things that I do while waiting. And it seems very long. Several people will sleep and set the alarm to wake them up by 1.30 AM, but I am sure that thing will never happen to me, my biological clock is very consistent to wake up every morning at 7.00 AM; there is no chance I can wake at 1.30 AM. So here I am sleepy but I force myself to stay awake.

After a while, a long long while, finally it is 1.00 AM. So I get myself ready. Wash my face, take my jacket and go outside. Glad that sky is very clear today, and I can see moon very bright out there. Hmmm I need to find a good position to watch. I think I will go to the roofless area in second floor of my dorm. There is several chairs there so I can sit while enjoying eclipse. So I go there, I am not alone, the owner’s cat sitting there accompany me. Glad I have a friend. A little bit scary in this place.

There is a big tree I can see from this place. Hmmm a big tree with many branches seems frightening at night. Ah… don’t worry, there shouldn’t be anything. Let’s just enjoy the moon. But then I smell something unusual. Do I smell flowers? Ooo I think I need to move to other place. I am afraid there is a girl just take a bath and ask me accompany her, it’s gonna be very wrong. (If you think that my thought is dirty, at least I have positive thinking)

So I go to third floor of my dorm. I enjoy staying here. It’s the highest place in my dorm, and sometime if I feel melow, I will go here and see the star (then I will feel even melow-er). And I drink beer (believe me it’s true, but only once, and that is the last one, my stomach is too good for beer). It’s a small floor that is used to dry the clothes under the sun on the day. But on night since there nothing here beside me and the big sky, it turns to be the best place for me to hang over. So here I am over midnight waiting for great nature phenomenon.

There is a big water tank with ladder, so I sit there. Then I hear something behind water tank. Ooo, what’s that? Then something is moving around. Urghhh… it is a mouse, I jump down as fast as possible. Sorry mouse I don’t plan to watch eclipse with you.

So I go down to the first level, go to parking lot, I think it’s gonna be the last option. And hopefully in here I can’t watch eclipse peacefully. So I search for good position and face up. Wow The show starts…
The moon starts disappear. Very slow,,,, no… very very very very slow. My head is in pain because of face up to the sky for 5 minutes. I don’t think I can’t endure 1 hour.

That is when I hear another sound, from the roof. Ooo what’s again now? A thief? Or Santa (another positive thinking)? I turn my head and see a man. I’m almost shouting because there is a man with only sarung on bottom and nothing on top is standing on the roof, my neighbor’s roof. Oh no, who is he? Should I shout? And then he looks at me…

After several seconds he talks to me, “Are you eclipse gazing too?”. Ups I think I recognize him, he is my neighbor!!! I think I need to sleep…

I answer him, and actually I glad I have friend to watch together. I see the moon now halfway to dissappear. It’s beautiful. Now I know for sure that eclipse really happens and I am glad to witness it live.

After that satisfaction, now I am ready… to have a very long sleep… (sure a long sleep, and make me almost wake up at 8.00 AM today)

Note: I leave the moon when it in sickle shape, actually if I endure a little more I will witness the red moon. It is cool isn’t? Well I can’t go back to the past, and it’s said that the next one will come on 2015. I don’t I can wait, so I just watch at youtube… Here it is…


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