Stereogram: 3D inside 2D

Recently I received an abstract picture called Stereogram from my colleague in office. It’s called pyramid.

At first I think that it’s just an abstract image and there is no actually pyramid inside it. The painter surely comes from abstraction ordo.

But some of my friends tell me that the pyramid does exist in the picture, if I see it using specific method.And I find the guideline as follow:

Finally I find it and it’s really amazing that the pyramid inside it is an 3D image. It’s like the pyramid is come out outside the background. So how about you, can you find it?

And after that first finding, I spend 2 hours to stare at other stereograms, and now I master this stereogramgazing thing.

My other favorite stereograms:





Several stereograms can be identified without using any special view technique. The Kitty stereogram for example, you will know that this stereogram contain a cat. But if you gaze it correctly, you will find a perfect 3D cat inside it.

The other stereograms can’t be determined at all using normal view. Just like the starfish stereogram above, it seems nothing but sands. But if you gaze it correctly the starfish will appear outside the sand.

Stereogram is not only made into picture, but now-days we have what is called animated stereogram. And for sure it harder.

So enjoy this stereogram things!!!
Just last warning: be prepare for eye sickness and dizziness 😀


2 responses to “Stereogram: 3D inside 2D

  1. they are awesome, huh? My first one was a wolf. I think it was when I was like in junior high (how come have you just discovered about it now?). Though I didn’t it was called stereogram back then.

  2. Yes I think it is awesome 😀
    So the conclusion is by the time you are in high school stereogram hasn’t been found. The stereogram just found recently, that why I know it recently 😀

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