My Lost Glasses 2

It happened several months ago, when I come back from church by public bus no 615. I always ride it when I go to church so I do have any hesitance at all.

When it almost arrive at my place, I stand from my seat and walk to the door. Suddenly a man near me shout to me: “Sir is it your glasses? I see it down on the floor”. I my God how can I drop it? I don’t even aware I have dropped it.

I used to put off my glasses when I don’t use it and put it on my pocket on my shirt. There is so big chance actually it will be dropped in this case.

I take the glasses, and thank to the man who return my glasses. Since it’s already arrive at my place, so I get down quickly from the bus.

I am very glad that that man is very generous to return my glasses. Then I take a look at the glasses. It seems like my glasses. Yes it seems like my glasses but it’s not my glasses. I reach my pocket and find that there is my glasses.

Ooo… So whose glasses it is?

PS. Probably the correct title should be THE Lost Glasses rather than MY Lost Glasses. And next time I will make sure to check before I receive something from other people. And for someone who his/her glasses is on me, I am sorry buddy, don’t mean it. Contact me if you read this post


2 responses to “My Lost Glasses 2

  1. THIEF!!!! hahaha..

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