A Walking Journey

In my office we have ‘Walk from Jakarta to Singapore’ program as part of get fit program.

Since then, I always use pedometer everywhere I go and count my steps everyday.


How to put it

The distance we take is Jakarta – Singapore – Jakarta which is about 2000 km and we walk as a team of 4 people in 3 months.

We have conversion 70 cm/steps so it would need:
3.000.000 steps (all) or
750.000 steps per person or
250.000 steps per person per month or
8000 steps per person per day.

There is several place close to my place which I record as below:
1. Home – Office RP2: 1800 steps
2. Home – Giant Point square: 5500 steps
3. Home – Pejaten Village: 6600 steps
4. Home – Citoz: 800steps
5. Home – Citarasa: 400 steps

My biggest record:
30.000 steps a day when walking in Singapore.

My smallest record:
500 steps in 5 days due to my bed-rest sick

Interestingly we can also convert other sport/activity into step using following table converter.

So let’s fight!!! We believe we can walk to Singapore 😀


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