Someday in Land of Lion – Part 1: Before the Start

5 July 2011

03.30, Picked up by driver in wrong meeting point. Realizing that at night, many big mouse civilize the street of Jakarta.

04.30, Arrive at Cengkareng, get in line of Immigration check.

05.00, Get rejection from Immigration since haven’t yet check in.

05.00, In Immigration line (again)

05.20, Get panick since the flight is by 05.50 but there is still about 10 persons in line before me

05.30, Asking one person in front me to switch, get another rejection.

05.40, That person finally sympathize and let me go first.

05.45, Run to the plane, interestingly there is many other people also being late.

05.50, Being on board, plane take off 10 minutes later (gee…), but still glad that I can catch up.

06.30, One passenger in front of me complaining about the food.

06.45, One of senior stewardess ask for apologize and offer some compensation, but the passenger get more annoyed.

07.00, Realizing the way to turn on TV in front of me, playing Sucker Punch movie. At the end I fail to figure out how to turn it off.

08.30 (switch to Singapore time), Arrive at Changi Airport. It looks just normal. Get in Immigration line for another 15 minutes.

09.30 Arrive at Conrad Hotel and spend my first SGD money 24 SGD for taxi, Oh no it’s too expensive. Do I being cheated?

09.45 At the hotel room to put luggage before get to office, it’s amazing. It face to the city and I have full wall window. The night view will gonna be very amazing.

So it starts. I am nervous, first time to go by myself. But I will enjoy it… Surely enjoy it 😀

Full Wall Window
Wall Full Window

The view from my room: Fountain of Wealth
Afternoon View: Fountain of Youth


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