Someday in Land of Lion – Part 2: Singapore Appetizer

OK I admit that I come here in Singapore not for vacation, but for job assignment. But it doesn’t mean that I will not get fun, otherwise I kind of glad since I get paid for semi vacation work, :D.

My first day of work is like work. I don’t need to write about that. But I just want to give some note about it. At my first day I have already realized that Singapore’s people is kind of hard worker. They start by 9 AM and should end by 6 PM, but they don’t. I am very afraid to come home on time at first, so I wait until several people go home. But until 7 PM there is still 50% employee still stay at office. Wow, I am leaving anyway. Probably it’s their natural habit to work hard and become diligent. After all I think this city is very competitive, probably they need struggle to survive.

Now about the kind of people that I meet here. They are vary. Mostly is Chinese, but I also find Indian, Malay, American, Japanese, Korean, and many more. That’s why there is many languages I hear everywhere. Most of it is Chinese and English (Singlish) but some time I hear Malay and Indian. And then I realize that they sometime don’t talk when communicate. For example the food seller a Chinese old man sells his food to American, they don’t understand each other but transaction accomplished by body movement. I am surprised. And having so many language in here make more difficult to listen, since they have different accent. Believe me it’s hard to switch from listening one person to another in this case. Or probably I need more time to adapt.

About the things you may find in Singapore, they’re tons. Almost everywhere you can find landmark, statue, unique building, attraction, etc. You can even see unique things in mall.

I share you here several unusual things I encounter there on my first day. Actually I am not planning to go to specific place, but still I get good object to share

1. Fountain of Wealth
There a circle pipe that shoot the water, so the water somehow can shape like a ball, and then there is lasers shot on it and make a 3D image appear. Very interesting technology. Once it show dragon image moving in 3D motion, it’s very cool.

Fountain of Wealth

Location: on North side of Conrad Hotel, Marina Bay Area

2. A Snaking Ladder

Location: Southern of Millenia Walk Mall, Marina Bay Area

3. Singapore Flyer
The world largest observation wheel. It take 30 minutes to ride it and it’s very beautiful to watch city scenery from the top. At night view is even more awesome, the city, landmark, street, beach, bridge, and the triple tower of Marina Bay Sands.

I ride it on my first day. It cost 29 SGD and there is a museum under it. The museum basically give information about specification of the flyer and gift shop.


The tube

Sky Show: Art and Science Museum (left) & Stadium (right)

City View


The Flyer from the street

Location: Marina Bay Area


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