Medical Equipment I Ever Try

Not very proud about it but it will give me memory to stay health in the future.

1. X-Ray: Dental
I use it for several reasons: dental neuron network check, preparation of dental surgery

2. X-Ray: Body
First use it after accident to check fracture on my hand, and then it’s also included in medical check up to generate work permit and lastly use it to detect neuron network on near neck-bones

3. Audiology Room
This check places you inside the soundproof room and give you very soft sound with different frequencies. You then need to reply if you hear the sound

4. Ultrasonography (USG)
Well it’s often used for pregnant mother, but it’s also use to check kidney. I use it as part of medical check up.

5. Blood Pressure Tool
I still use the old-fashion one, with somebody need to use stethoscope to check.

6. Cardiovascular Treadmill
I think it tends to check the max capability of heart rate.

7. Spiromety
It’s used to measure how fast and how much air you can breath

8. Eye Test
I’m used to conventional eye chart and also high-tech check up

9. Blood and Urine Laboratory
It checks many things: Cholesterol, blood sugar, positive or negative of kind of disease, etc

10. CT (Computer Tomography) Scan
It’s almost same with X-Ray but it scans 360 degree of your body. I recently use it to detect any injuries in my brain, fortunately my brain is normal

11. Ultrasound Therapy
It’s almost like USG, but if USG only for detecting purpose, this Ultrasound Therapy give special effect to brain relaxation.

12. TENS (Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)
It’s said to be able to give muscle relaxation.

13. Microwave Therapy
For blood current stabilization.

Well I think that’s all. I will update if there is any more I ever use.
PS. I am not the model of each photograph (sure some model are women and old men, and I am still young man :D)


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