Kokology: Game of Self Discovery

Kokology is the study of kokoro (Japanese: 心) which in the aforementioned language means “mind” or “spirit”.

I just finish reading these books (there are 2 books and I read both). And I think this book is awesome. I didn’t get bored since full of psychological questions that I need to answer then when I read the answer I discover my own personality.

This is the example:
We watch scary movie sometime, which one of these is the scariest one?
1. Crazy woman who want to take revenge and kill all person whom she hates
2. The big sunk ship with passengers trapped in the middle of ocean
3. The psychopath who kill his target randomly
4. Aliens invasion

The scary movie that we want to watch actually describe our personal fear that we encounter in daily life
If your answer:

1. You are afraid with social life. it’s very hard to believe someone around you. It’s not wrong, we all know that this world is really complex and we need to be considered in choosing our friends. And sometime you want to be alone.

2. You are afraid that the perfect world will get into end. But yes surely world is not perfect, so don’t be too much afraid of it and enjoy every condition, although it is not perfect.

3. This one contradict with option no 1, you are afraid to lose your friend. You are afraid to be alone, it’s probably because you too much depend on your friend, so you are afraid to be independent. But you must reach this independent level someday.

4. You afraid people lose trust on you. It’s not easy to gain trust but to lose it, it’s easier than draw a line. You work very hard to make everything perfect so people can count on you. After all you just need to do your best, doesn’t mean that you should always be the best.


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