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Heaven’s Dictionary

Source: Sunday Service Sermon by Ps Andy Tjokro

1. Oops…
There is no oops word in Heaven’s Dictionary. There is no even one thing happens because of coincidence. All things happen base on of His plan

2. Wow!
Everything He makes is always amaze us

3. LOL
God wants us to be Laugh Out Loud all the time

4. OTW
His miracle is on the way

5. I(heart)you
He loves us

God not only almighty God but He is also our Best of Friend

7. Brb
He will be right back in short time


Deal with Criminals (2)

This happen several years ago when I start working. My company send me to training. I am very glad. Since the training cost is already much, I don’t want to bother more to ask company car and take public transport instead to go to the training place.

This is a new bus for me to use. A new route too, I just try once the day before and I think this bus is the most effective one, so I take it.

It’s a very busy morning, and the bus is very full. I don’t get a chair to sit so I stand with several other men and women. It’s almost my destination when the bus suddenly stop. Although it’s stop suddenly, it’s not that sudden actually, but some men is overdo it. Like they are getting unbalance and fall into me. I see there are 2 or 3 of them fall into me and I almost fall too. I get out the bus after that since I already arrive at my destination.

I always check my pocket every time I get out of public bus. And this time it turn to be a very good habit. I find that I lose my mobile phone that I put in a pocket in my belt.  I am very angry. It must be them who are pretending fall into me just now.

Luckily the bus is in the middle of traffic jam, so it’s not move that far. I run into it and get in. I remember face one of man who fall into me and I grab his hand. I shout “Sir where is my mobile phone, give me back my mobile phone!!!”.  It’s surely make all passenger put their attention to us. He is surprised and somehow look afraid. He is bubbling “What are you talking about” but I don’t free his hand. Finally one of his friend point my mobile phone on the bus floor. “It must be fall from your pocket” he says. But I know for sure that it’s not. They already pickpocket it. But thanks God I get it back.

After double check everything I get out of this bus. I am angry but somehow I feel I win. I almost lose but with bravery everything can turn.

The lesson that I learn:

1. In a bus full of persons, you should be focus. Put everything down and just pay attention, because anything can happen around you. But it’s even better if you choose the other bus which is not full.

2. Check your pocket regularly after several minutes just to make sure your things is still with you.

3. It’s very recommended to shout if you are being pick pocket in the middle of many people. The criminals will be afraid of it.

4. I stop using a belt pocket after that, it’s made so that the phone is easily being picked when there is incoming call. But it also make the criminal has an easy job.

Deal with Criminals (1)

Hmmm… reading this title, you will know that it is surely not very nice experience. But it surely will teach us a lesson to make a better deal next time (I mean to avoid / react correctly to it :D).  I give numbers on these stories since I have several experience about it so it’s more than one, that the function of the number. By sharing it hopefully it also can give insight for any reader to be aware to this kind of criminal modes.

Let’s start with recent story.

It’s happened several days ago on my way to a mall. I use same public transport as I used to (I have been three years ride the same kind of bus, it’s always safe, until this day) and I sit in the front.

When I almost reach my destination, one man behind me tap on my shoulder and tell me “Sir, one of homeless who just comes, vomits beside you”. I am surprised and look at the chair next to me, yieks I find some kind of liquid like vomit. Wow how can I don’t know about it. I am actually listening to my ipod, may be that’s why I am not paying attention that someone has thrown up beside me.

OK It’s nasty, but I just sit and avoid to touch it, after all I almost reach my destination. But this man (let’s call him A) ask me to go to the back of bus. He said “It’s very stink in here, let’s move back”. Well I am not smell the stink because I get flu (My nose barely can smell anything), but I follow his advice. He seems like kind man. He also offers me some tissue. Wow nice guy I think.

Then I sit in some place in the middle of bus. A asks me again “Go sit in the back…”. I answer “Why?”. He is thinking for some moment and then he says “Because you are stink, there is some vomit on your clothes and if you sit in front, you make the stink go all of bus”. Hmmm that’s very rude,,, T.T He says I am stink. I try to smell my cloth but can’t smell anything, yes because I get flu. But because he said so, I move to sit in back chair.

There is already somebody else there, let’s name him B. So I sit beside B. The back chair is a long chair for 5 persons, while the front chair is designed just for 2 persons. I sit next B and then A sit next to me on the other side. Three of us sit in a row. B me A.

Then come another man, C, who offers his service of reflection massage. First he do it to B.  B look very relax when C massage his arm for some seconds. Next, C reach my hand and start to massage me “Free try” he says. I think he massage me more than 5 seconds. I pull my arm but I fell C grab my arm with force. I pull it with force too.

I have reflex to check my pocket anytime I fell insecure. I grab my trousers pocket to find that A’s hand is trying to get my blackberry. He pulls his arm as soon as possible after I see it. I check my other pocket with my dorm room key, and it’s there. Then I check my bag, oh no my bag is open. I check inside and find that my ipod is lost. I shout “Where is my ipod” to C, he looks very confuse and afraid. Then I look at B’s hand, he throw something into chair, including my ipod. I am very angry. I put back everything inside my bag and I close it. I double check that everything is safe, then I get out the bus.

I am very angry, especially with the way they use. A vomit yieks… moreover they vomit at me and tell me stink. I can’t accept that!!!!

Well it’s close. I am almost lost my things, but thanks God everything is safe. Glad also that I can react correctly and I am not afraid. If you afraid, the criminals will surely get you.

And this is the lesson I learn:

In public transport

1. Take a look at anybody near you, be aware if they do something strange.

2. Don’t sit at back chair (in a bus), criminal usually do their job there. Remember the formation I mention earlier, they will try to corner you. Two persons will sit beside you in right and left and another person will attract your attention from the front.

3. Don’t feel bad if someone tell that you stink, the one who say that is actually even stinker.