Inspirational Corner Help

It’s started when one day I need to give speech and it should come from resources outside of my life. I am looking for any story / opinion / resource anywhere but can’t find it. It’s very ugly moment for me but I still need to deliver my speech, with a so so story.

Another day after that, just a normal day, I open youtube and find a very great speech. The content is very inspiring and motivating, and I just can say: Whoaaa this is what I am looking for on the other day. But I find it not in correct moment.

That’s make me think, why don’t I collect all this story and I will know where to go when I need it. So I bring this new category: Inspirational Corner. I will copy and paste (with resource acknowledgment) some of plenty inspiring story from out there and put it as one of inspirational story I choose. I believe it’s not only useful for speech, but also giving short of insight in correct moment for anyone who looking for it.

So enjoy them !!!


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