It’s Not Always Same

Yesterday my friend told me story about how generousity make her life happy. She was sitting inside a full train and a few moment later an old couple got into the train. They didn’t get seat since the train was full packed. She was alone while there were 2 person there need seats. In her mind, if she gave the seat to the couple, still only one got the seat while the other would still stand, it didn’t sound fully help.

So inside her mind she battled if she really need to give her seat or not. After a while finally she made her mind, she gave up the seat to the old couple, whoever would sit, it’s not her problem, at least she had already done a good will.

Surprisingly another man, sat beside her (she didn’t this man) also gave his seat following her. And now there were two empty seats for the old couple. They sat there and then the grandma gave a shake hand to my friend and expressed her deep gratitude for her generousity.

The story is very memorable for me, especially at the next day I encounter same experience.

It’s on trans bus, I’ve sitted on my seat when an old couple get into the bus. Well, I still remember yesterday story, so I plan to do the same. But it seems I am a little bit late, since a man beside me has already stand up, giving in the seat to the grandma. Okay, I will give up my seat to grandpa I think. And then I stand up, please grandpa to sit at my seat. The next thing, I hear he anwers me out loud “I still have enough strength to stand up young boy, come back to your seat, I don’t need it”.

I am shocked. Then answer “No problem sir, in next station I will drop out, that’s why I am standing”, I say lying. On the next station I drop out and wait for next bus.

Well, sometime something happened just in the opposite of what you thinking. Enjoy all possibilities of life 🙂


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