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I hear this illustration from sermon of Ps. Raprap in my office Friday Service.

The life of Christianity is like a grown tree which grows two ways: down and up. Down is the root, the deeper the root the stronger the tree. Up is the branch, the bigger is branch, the stronger is the tree.

Root is like our faith, unseen, but it connects us with our eternal resource: God. Although we have only a little faith, we can move the mountain, the scripture says. The bigger our faith, the stronger we live.

Branch (main branch / log) is like our service to God, it can be seen. The Christian life is growing up when it starts serving God, not only awaits to be served. The more we humble ourselves and serve God the more growing we are.

These 2 growths need to be worked in parallel. We can’t only work on 1 side.

Tree with deep root but small branch is like a bonsai. It has very good faith, but has nothing to be shared with others. On the other hand tree with big branch but shallow root will be easily blown away event with small wind. It serves God a lot but has no deep faith, be careful since if some issue occurs, it will decide to leave God.

The health Christianity life is like a tree with deep root and big branch. Let us practice it, let grows in 2 ways. Take a time to strengthen our faith by listening to God’s Word, build intimacy with Him. Take a time also to serve God, believe that it can teach us many things especially humility.

Let’s grow strongly!!!

Dwell in Me, and I will dwell in you

There is an illustration to describe this part of scripture.

When you put a rock into water, what you will get is that the rock is inside water, but water is not inside the rock.

But when you put cotton into water, you will get exactly what the scripture says. The cotton is inside the water, and the water is inside the cotton.

When our heart is hard, full of selfishness, we can’t let God dwell in us, but when we open our heart and let Him in, softly He will dwell in us.

And the next interesting point is that when the cotton is inside the water, the cotton is almost transparent, it changes to be like water’s color.

So it means when we dwell in Him, we are more like Him who dwells inside us. 🙂