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Kokology: Game of Self Discovery

Kokology is the study of kokoro (Japanese: 心) which in the aforementioned language means “mind” or “spirit”.

I just finish reading these books (there are 2 books and I read both). And I think this book is awesome. I didn’t get bored since full of psychological questions that I need to answer then when I read the answer I discover my own personality.

This is the example:
We watch scary movie sometime, which one of these is the scariest one?
1. Crazy woman who want to take revenge and kill all person whom she hates
2. The big sunk ship with passengers trapped in the middle of ocean
3. The psychopath who kill his target randomly
4. Aliens invasion

The scary movie that we want to watch actually describe our personal fear that we encounter in daily life
If your answer:

1. You are afraid with social life. it’s very hard to believe someone around you. It’s not wrong, we all know that this world is really complex and we need to be considered in choosing our friends. And sometime you want to be alone.

2. You are afraid that the perfect world will get into end. But yes surely world is not perfect, so don’t be too much afraid of it and enjoy every condition, although it is not perfect.

3. This one contradict with option no 1, you are afraid to lose your friend. You are afraid to be alone, it’s probably because you too much depend on your friend, so you are afraid to be independent. But you must reach this independent level someday.

4. You afraid people lose trust on you. It’s not easy to gain trust but to lose it, it’s easier than draw a line. You work very hard to make everything perfect so people can count on you. After all you just need to do your best, doesn’t mean that you should always be the best.


Higurashi When They Cry – BGMs

Several moments ago I read sound novel titled “Higurashi When They Cry”

Sound Novel: A novel that is read but has background sound effect.

Higurashi When They Cry

I think this book is very good, it’s thrilling, touching and even make the reader get into the character feeling. For review find it on:

I think one of the most popular BGM (Background Music) is “Dear You” and it has so many version:

1. Slow version, not the best one, just show the variant

2. Normal version (piano), it’s the simplest, the easiest to remember

3. Cheer version, it’s like you wake up in the morning with very good feeling

4. Fast version, it’s surely energizing

5. Music Box version, well it just side music I think 🙂

6. Singer version, means that there are singers who sing this song (I have youtube link for it), the music arrangement is also unique and enjoyable to hear

The other BGM that I think really touching is “Birth & Death” (around minute 01:39 – 02:15)

Sound Novels

Also the good ending BGM (I think only 1 chapter that can be defined as good ending although it also not very good since everybody still death, ups spoiler ^^)

But I prefer the singer version below, especially when you hear Higurashi’s cry as part of musical instrument. For me it’s like amazing as well as chilling.

Enjoy 😀 😀 😀

Themesong of my life: Spirit

Wow, I just can’t wait to continue this one. So I’m writing 2 posts today.

Around two months ago, in one of Toastmasters Convention Motivational Speech, we are been told to have our own daily theme song for ourselves.

I think this one is mine.


The slower version, but still give you spirit. It’s like telling you “Hey buddy, this is not over yet, get up and finish your journey”

Three Versions of Blue Dragon

This is my first time to upload video music in my blog.

For several people, music is something that can inspired them, or something that just beautiful to listen. Some people like to have music with lyric and for them the lyric of the song can be really important.

But it’s a little bit different style for me. I love kind of music which without lyric, it’s already inspiring. So for me it doesn’t matter what the lyric are, as long as when I listen to it I get the inner message of it.

That’s why the type of music that I like is usually the soundtrack of the movie, which although I don’t know the lyric, I still can imagine the message that the song deliver to me.

This one is my favorite.

Blue Dragon

Listening to this song is quite bring me heroic experiment. Moreover the movie itself: Team Medical Dragon is one of the heroic movie I ever watch. This song’s totally touching my heart.

The Full Band Version


Song with Lyric, code name Asthetic

Actually I’m never able to catch the lyric of this song all this time. But somehow I find the song lyric in youtube today. So since it’s a big day for me to find the lyric, so I will rewrite it in here. The lyric is not bad I’d say, but also not best like what I am thinking of. But after all I love the song and the lyric is just bonus.


Longing for you
Day and in dream
I’m hoping you here
And leading my way

You steer my road
Anytime I need
If you walk away
I will follow you

Trying my life
With your sacred gifts you gave to me
I won’t vein
And succeed it as your precious soul

Holding your hand
And I’m walking through the all of the world
Carrying your wish
Like the Venus in the dim sky

Electric Box

One of the best logical free flash game I ever play. The first game that make me use my brain without boring.

The rule is simple to connect power with target using any limited tools provided.

electric box

The best problem solving game ever b^^d

play here

Must try game for puzzle lover.

The best comical Bible to read

Bible tell us so many awesome stories about God’s love to human kind and story about His people live in faith, hope and love. However with so many words on there sometime we are so lazy even to start read it…

Gladly cartoonist Kim Shin Joong launch comical bible which is very much easy too read but still powerful since there is so many God’s Message said there.

Old testament will be divided into 6 books, and new testament will be divided into 4 books. In Indonesian version it’s still launched 7 books, but hopefully the last 3 books will be released soon.

OK with no many other words, I just want to recommend this book for your new style of bible daily bread. ^^ Enjoy !!!

Kung Fu Kid

This movie is second movie that for me it has many good quotes and lessons to learn. The first is Kung Fu Panda, but since it’s like a long time ago, lets skip it and talk about Kung Fu Kid. (Just wonder why both of them have Kung Fu in the title)

Kung Fu Kid

Wu ji bi fun – Doing something too much is not good.

Dre         : What time will we train tomorrow?

Mr Han : We won’t train tomorrow. Wu ji bi fun… Doing something too much is not good.

We do many routine in our daily life. Something we like, or something we don’t like. If we do something we don’t like too much, it make us stress out and probably get crazy, sick, and believe me it will not end very good. But how if we do something that we enjoy too much? Doesn’t it sound good and we shouldn’t worry about that? No it is not. Still something that you do too much is not good. You like football and you play it everyday, then before thirty you will get your leg crippled out (except you are athlete). The real story come from my friend that fitness too much; he said, my muscle has its limit and I should aware about that. If you like singing doesn’t mean you can sing all the time; take a break and rest your voice. So the point in here is, there is a time to pause. Don’t work too much, don’t study too much, take a break and do something else. Make your life colorful and not monotonous.

Life sometime make us down. But the choice to rise up again is in our hand.

Mr Han : (to Dre) Yesterday you tough me a lesson. Life sometime make us down. But the choice to rise up again is in our hand.

Yes, simple message… When you down, come and rise up. Life is short and you shouldn’t put too much time on feeling blue. Additionally, we should know that even in failure that makes us down, there is something that we can learn. So get up, learn something and do something better.  Don’t waste time. Feeling down doesn’t give anything beneficial.

She is my best friend who makes me a better person

(Dre’s letter for Mei Yei’s father)

Best friend is honest. Best friend doesn’t think about her/himself but s/he think about you. S/He wants you become a better person, vice versa. Sometime s/he even knows you better than you are. Treasure your best friend as you are.

Take a mirror at your surrounding.

Dre         : Do you see the women that copying the snake?

Mr Han : You don’t see closely. The woman doesn’t copy the snake. The snake does copy the woman. When your heart and thought  is pure, your surrounding will mirror you.

How do we know about ourselves? How can we measure ourselves? Take a mirror at your surrounding. When you see that something wrong around you, introspect yourself; probably you need to change yourself. Take a mirror with your friend, your college, your spouse. But see it with pure hearth and pure thought. Since if you aren’t, you won’t see the truth. See yourself at your surrounding and make a change.

Learn Fung Fu from anything

Mr Han : You learn Kung Fu from doing your daily activities. Kung Fu live in all part of your life.

I don’t want you to get Kung Fu lesson from your daily activities. But the essence is that from everything we do, we can take lessons. Everything happens and makes you stronger. Face your life and learn from every second of it.

Like the last quote I mention above, yes let take this movie as a lesson for our life. 😀