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What is the purpose?

In the great canyon, two fighters are dueling for life or death.
Find the dialog below:

X : Now i am going to make you disappear forever, hiyaaahh!!!
Y : Wait,, wait,, hold on,,, hold on,,, what do you say?
X : I am going to make you disappear…. forever…
Y : And that’s means?
X : …
Y : You want to kill me?
X : Yes, sure… I think you understand
Y : How could I suppose to understand that…
X : Why… why couldn’t you understand that, it’s pretty clear
Y : Clear? No it’s the most ambiguous phrases I ever heard
X : Why?
Y : Because it’s too long…and ambiguous?
X : But it’s dramatic..
Y : Hey listen, if you want to achieve your goal, you must have clear purpose
X : It’s clear, and… dramatic
Y : It’s not clear, I can’t understand it
X : Too bad on you
Y : Hey man, you can’t do that, if you want to achieve your goal, you must have clear purpose and make anybody else understand your purpose
X : Why?
Y : Because they will work with you on your purpose
X : So you will work with me on my purpose
Y : Yes if I can understand your purpose. It’s important to make clear purpose…
X : OK I will try to make you understand my word
Y : Say again…
X : OK I am going to make you disappear forever !!!
Y : No… no… no,,, I can’t understand it. Just say you want to kill me, OKAY!!!
X : No
Y : Why not?
X : because I can’t understand all this conversation
Y : Why?
X : I don’t get your purpose of this conversation
Y : It’s clear
X : No, it’s not
Y : OK I will say again
X : Do it!
Y : My purpose is to make you understand that you need mee to understand your purpose
X : …
Y : So you understand?
X : No…
Y : …
X : …


Hello World Blackberry

Hello World !!!


One year just past and I almost forget that I have this blog and forget the dream I have in the beginning of my writing in this blog. So while hearing The Call, I write this revival writing in this blog.

I like to imagine it as season 2 of my blog (if it’s movie), but unfortunately the ending of first season isn’t a good one. But then let’s start the new one with new spirit, new style and new level (hopefully this commitment is true).

The most interesting thing when I started open this blog is that I found it in Indonesian languange. Then I think that may be Indonesian laguange now already that famous so some famous site already been translated, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Friendster, Wikipedia, etc. It’s a good and a bad thing for actually.

Good because we know that Indonesian languange now already adopted internationally, and there are should be someone who works for it. Not all languange is used to translate famous site today, but Indonesian chosen as one.

But something make me dizzy, is about the translation, somehow, doesn’t heard well. “Pengaturan” for “Setting”, “Penataan” for “Tools”, “Sunting” for “Edit”, etc. I just can smile to hear that. It’s not bad, but may be need to be adapted to it.

No more comment, just want to write and share. So this is the purpuse of my blog:

  • Sharing knowledge
  • Sharing opinion
  • Sharing creativity
  • Sharing experience

The genre of this block:

  • Technology
  • Nature and Human Story
  • Religious

But sometime I will add

  • movie review
  • joke
  • other person inspirational writing
  • etc

At the end, let make this blog as interesting blog. At least start from me 🙂

Hello World versi sendiri

Hello world

Maunya sih setidaknya seminggu sekali memberi info di blog baru ini. Hitung-hitung belajar menulis. Terinspirasi juga dengan tulisan P Budi tentang CV di internet, menarik banget.

Semoga tulisan-tulisan disini bisa bernmanfaat bagi semua orang.